Why Ernie Kent makes perfect sense for WSU

THE MAN long speculated to be the most likely candidate to succeed Ken Bone as head of the Washington State men's basketball team is indeed going to take the helm in Cougarville. For six reasons, we believe Kent makes perfect sense for WSU.

How so? Because Ernie Kent is a ...


1. Proven recruiter
Moos said recruiting skills were No. 1 on the job description, and Kent fills the bill in a big way. In his 13 seasons at Oregon, he produced four first-round NBA draft picks, (Fred Jones, Luke Ridnour, Luke Jackson and Aaron Brooks) and seven NBA draft picks total. WSU hasn't produced that much talent in the last 40 years. Moreover, Kent's recruiting success came not just on the West Coast but all over the country, as seen in the graphic at the bottom of this article.

2. Proven winner in the Pac-10/12
Kent finished in the upper half of the conference in eight of his 13 seasons. And when you do that at such a clip, you have to have seasons where underclassmen are key contributors. Six of Kent's first-year players at Oregon were named to the All-Freshmen conference team.

3. Proven architect without Taj Mahal-type facilities to recruit to
Oregon's facilities under Kent were nothing like they are today. He had to share limited court space with the women's team and the volleyball team, and Mac Court was a true dump. Yet Kent took two of his teams to the Elite Eight, and five of his teams went to the Big Dance. In two other years, Kent took the Ducks to NIT Final Fours. He also led St. Mary's to March Madness one year.

4. Winning personality.
Kent is personable, articulate and he projects confidence. Recruits pick up on that and so do alums. And every recruit out there who has been watching the Pac-12 teams play on the Pac-12 Nets the last three years has been listening to Kent.

5. Great fit with the WSU AD
Kent and Moos are a proven tandem from their day in Eugene. They are philosophically aligned when it comes to running a basketball program in an elite conference.

6. Rested, ready and studied
Kent has been out of the coaching game three years but I would argue that's actually a bonus. He's primed to get back to what he loves and is no doubt loaded with new energy. And broadcasting allowed him to see, study and increase his knowledge of the Pac-12 in ways he wouldn't have been able to as an every-day coach.

Kent's Recruiting Map

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