Four-star WR says Cougs blow his mind

RYAN DAVIS IS a sought 4-star receiver from Florida with offers from the three major schools in the state plus a bunch of other BCS rides. But Washington State is right in the thick of things for the 5-11, 165-pound whirling dervish of a slot receiver. Why? Because first of all, Davis says, he's not scared and second, Mike Leach's offense blows his mind.

Davis, out of Saint Petersburg's Lakewood High said in a recent conversation with he likes a lot of colleges, from the in-state schools to Nebraska, Kentucky and beyond. He talked in glowing terms about WSU and area recruiter Paul Volero, but also spoke similarly on others. And he's probably not close to a decision. But the Air Raid and potentially playing under Mike Leach has him highly intrigued about all things crimson.

"I did my research and also Coach Volero told me, they threw something like 80 times (actually 89) in the game against Oregon, said Davis. "That blew my mind.

"I could get 9-10 catches per game. And with that many catches as a slot receiver, you've got to get in the end zone, and I feel like I could do that. Coach Volero feels I could do that. What receiver doesn't want to get 9-10 catches a game?"

There's another twist to Davis potentially going to WSU. He could line up at the X or Z, too.

"(Volero) said they could also put me outside because of how long my arms are, and how well I get off the jam," said Davis. "So all of those things really intrigue me."

DAVIS USED TO play at Northeast High, the same school WSU plucked Keith Harrington out of this past class. But and Volero didn't rush to offer Davis -- not at first anyway.

"Coach Paul Volero, I first talked to him two years ago but I think he felt like could get me because he didn't think I would want to go that far to Washington State," said Davis. "But then we were talking on the phone and one of my teammates at Northeast, Keith Harrington, he committed up there. So we were talking and talking for the past year and I told him, ‘Coach, I'm not scared to leave the state.'

"After he heard that, it took off from there. He took it back to the head coach and (an offer) was all said and done. I think he respected that I was being real with him. And he was being real with me, and I think that's what made such a great bond with him... Coach Volero from Washington State he really stood out, he keeps it real with me, that's what I like about him."

DAVIS SAID DISTANCE won't factor into his decision.

"It's not going to be an issue…at the end of the day it's going to be a business decision… my dad always tells me, sometimes to get what you want you sometimes have to do things (outside the comfort zone) It may not be in Florida or it could be… I'm open to everybody, and I'm not scared to go out of state," said Davis.

DAVIS WAS EARLIER said to have a top five but the landscape has shifted.

"I wouldn't call it a top five," said Davis. "I wouldn't say I was misquoted, those schools do stand out to me…but I like so many schools right now, I can't honestly give you an actual legit top five," said Davis, who then proceeded to name WSU and about 10 others who stand out to him for various reasons. "All of those schools have something that interests me about them… You just want to be somewhere you're wanted at."

Davis said his change of direction, big-play ability, swagger and locker room presence are what schools who have offered like about him. He'll take some in-state unofficials in the spring and then hopes to venture out this summer to Nebraska, MSU, West Virginia and Washington State, though nothing has been finalized.

Davis was a prep dual-threat quarterback last season after transferring to Lakewood, throwing for over 2,000 yards, rushing for over 800 hashes and scoring 29 touchdowns. While a couple schools have offered him as a QB, Davis says his likely college position is at receiver.

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