WSU ROSTERS: Crimson and Gray teams

TODAY'S CRIMSON AND GRAY GAME should not only be competitive, it should be compelling. That's because Mike Leach and staff divvied up the two Coug rosters with the intent of making the squads as evenly matched as possible.

The game will be a regular scoring format. There will be two regular timed 15-minute quarters, followed by a brief halftime. Then, the final two 15-minute quarters will feature a running clock.

And don't forget, this isn't the end. The Crimson and Gray Game will be WSU's 14th spring practice -- the Cougs will hold their 15th and final session on Tuesday in Pullman. Why? Leach likes to have that last practice in order to watch the film and then make corrections and adjustments from what happened in the spring game.

The Complete Crimson Roster:
The Complete Gray Roster:

Players that could play on both teams: LB Jeremiah Allison, CB Marcellus Pippins, WR Drew Loftus, DL Darryl Paulo and DL Emmitt Su'a-Kalio.

What: The Crimson and Gray Game
Where: Joe Albi Stadium; Spokane
When: Saturday at 1 p.m.
TV: Pac-12 Networks
Radio: Click here for the Cougar Sports Radio Network.

Pronunciation Guide:
No. 1 Vince Mayle – May-lee
No. 30 Taylor Taliulu – TAH-lee-oo-loo
No. 33 Tana Pritchard – TAW-nah
No. 34 Teondray Caldwell – TEE-ondray
No. 40 Kache Palacio – KUH-shay
No. 50 Lyman Faoliu – FOW-lee-YEW
No. 62 Moritz Christ – MO-reetz / Krist
No. 65 Alex Den BLEYKER – BLAY-kerr
No. 71 Jacob Seydel – Sye- DELL
No. 84 River Cracraft – Kray-craft
No. 90 Daniel Ekuale – Eee-qwall-lay
No. 96 Xavier Cooper – "X" – zavier (say the X)
No. 97 Destiny Vaeao – Vye-OW
No. 98 KALAFITONI POLE – cal-luh-fih-TOH-nee / POH-lay, (goes by Toni)
No. 99 Emmitt Su'a-KALIO – KAH-lee-oh

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