SPRING GAME: Crimson 23, Gray 19

CONNOR HALLIDAY THREW for 326 yards and 3 TDs in one half of work as the Crimson squad came out on top 23-19 over the Gray in the Cougs' annual spring tilt. Running back Theron West also factored in prominently in the Crimson squad's success. Defensively, Daquawn Brown came up with two picks and Ivan McLennan led the Cougar sack brigade.

In addition to McLennan, Xavier Cooper and Daniel Ekuale were among several Cougars who registered "sacks" on the day.

Halliday was 25 of 41 for 326 yards with three TD passes and two interceptions.

Vince Mayle had a pair of long receptions among his catches, including one score, while Drew Loftus had several grabs and the other two TD reception hook-ups with Halliday. River Cracraft also was among the day's leading pass-catchers. (Receivers Dom Williams and Gabe Marks, limited this spring, were among those who sat out the game.)

Tyler Bruggman had a rough day, tossing three interceptions though it should be pointed out one glanced off a receiver's hands and another involved a ball that ricocheted and landed on a prone receiver's back before Beau Glover, who had nice coverage on the play, snared it.

West showed why he's led the Cougar running backs this spring, with a nice turn-and-go burst in the receiving game. And Jamal Morrow also did some nice work when the Cougs ran the ball. Meanwhile, linebacker Darryl Monroe on the Gray squad had some big collisions in the first half.

The second half saw the Cougs empty the benches and play a good amount of 3s and depth players, with the Gray squad putting together two touchdown drives. After the second score, Mike Leach called an end to the game, apparently satisfied with how things had unfolded despite a little more than three minutes still remaining on the clock.

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