WSU Post-Spring: Mike Breske reviews the CBs

THINGS LOOK A little different at cornerback coming out of 15 spring practices than they did headed in. CF.C talked with Mike Breske on Wednesday and the Cougs' secondary coach and defensive coordinator offered some great insights on the 15 days of spring out on the islands and where the position stands headed into the summer.

Mike Breske says he saw some good things as the spring went along from his corners. And he was clearly energized about the work that lies ahead. But it was also apparent there's a lot of work that does lie ahead.

"I think we made some good improvement from Practice 1 to Practice 15," said Breske. "…The best thing I saw, and it's not just the corners but the secondary as a whole, is on Practice 1 we were like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off. And then by Practice 15 we were jelling together as a unit."

One of the reasons for that "jelling" was the continued development of the Cougs' most experienced corner, second-year sophomore Daquawn Brown.

"Daquawn Brown has some nice, steady improvement, has grown up a little bit. (It's) still a process, one that we're going to work hard on this summer in two-a-days and Lewiston. But he definitely increased his production, which is important at that position because we're so young. And he's going against some doggone good wideouts, day in and day out. So I was real happy with his progression," said Breske.

HEADED INTO THE spring, Daquawn Brown was listed as the No. 1 field corner on the depth chart WSU release. That hasn't changed. But the No. 1 at the boundary corner has changed, from Charleston White to Tracy Clark.

"Tracy Clark kinda ended up in the lead group at the end of spring as the boundary corner. He's a young man that hasn't played much here at Wazzu but he understands our defense and he kinda played himself into that position. And I was happy to see that. The result for Tracy is he has some things to work on this summer. He‘s got to work hard on his mental skills and in terms of improving his technique. But I enjoyed seeing that improvement," said Breske.

White was in and out a bit this spring and the Cougs probably didn't get as many reps out of him as they would have liked. Part of the reason for that may have been that White got dinged up, (the Cougs under Leach don't talk or most times even acknowledge injuries.) What did seem clear to me in talking to Breske was that White has potential to help the Cougs this season. Breske had this to say about the redshirt-freshman:

"That's a guy that has to have a great summer. We've got to get something out of Chuck… we'll look to build off this spring, obviously this summer and when we get to Lewiston," said Breske.

Another young corner, Marcellus Pippins, Breske said, is working his way up the learning curve. What that means specifically is he's learning what it takes to succeed in the Pac-12 in terms of effort and hard work. You can read more about that in a separate CF.C article HERE .

WHAT IS MOST critical at corner from now until fall camp, says Breske, is to keep moving forward.

"We now have to not take a step back this summer… because we've got a good defensive line," said Breske. "We've got great depth there, the best depth in the d-line since I've been here. We've got some talented players who are physical, athletic and can move. And same at the linebacker position. "So we've got to come together on the back end. And we've started that process.

Several freshmen arrive this summer. And corner is one of the few spots where a true freshman can go from high school to playing in the Pac-12 in his first season.

"And to what degree they'll contribute, we'll find out," said Breske.

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