WSU Post-Spring: Mike Breske reviews safeties

THE SAFETY POSITION after spring ball at Washington State is a developmental jumble, but in a good way. That's what I gleaned most from a recent talk with Mike Breske. You've got the guy with experience who played well in spring, but you know he can do better. You've got the overachiever who bleeds crimson, and a young guy who needs more seasoning, but who has the potential to be special.

And that but covers three of ‘em.

"Taylor Taliulu, (is our) most experienced on the back end. He had a good spring. (But) my expectations for Taylor are higher. We talked about it in the exit meeting. But he is definitely one of our leaders back there and will be a good player for us. He has to get better this summer but he'll put the time in this summer, I have no doubt about that," said Breske.

The biggest surprise of the spring was Beau Glover, in part because Isaac Dotson was limited this spring with an injury (WSU doesn't release injury information under Mike Leach.) But Glover gets Breske's vote as the most improved in the secondary.

"Everything he did he does at a high speed," said Breske. "He's a great teammate and he is a Coug. I love how he approaches the game and takes advantage of his skill set. And Beau is limited, he's not the fastest guy out there, he's not the biggest or the strongest. But he gets himself into position to make plays. And that's what football is about.

"He gets it and understands the level of commitment. He lacks some physical sets but he gets himself in position and is a very productive player. And I'll tell you what, there's not more of a Coug in this house."

DOTSON, ONCE HE gets healthy, figures to be a primary focus for Breske in the coming months, now that coaches can spend some time in the summer with their players due to a rules change.

"I have great expectations for Isaac," said Brekse. "Summer is going to be important for Isaac (to catch up) and for me to get him on Page 1."

David Bucannon showed some flashes here and there, but work remains to be done.

"David Bucannon made some better strides, his best spring here (but still) too much of a rollercoaster right now. We've got to get more consistency out of him, which we talked about in our exit meeting. And I know he's going to work hard this summer," said Breske.

Darius Lemora is your wild card. He seems destined to turn the corner, when all those things a Pac-12 level of safety is responsible for suddenly become second nature and the mistakes drop precipitously. The question, is when.

"Darius Lemora is a guy I'm very excited about, a redshirt freshman who is a hitter back there – he's goin' to knock ya. He's just got to learn the defense better. This was his first go-around in spring, he got a lot of quality reps. To what degree he contributes will be how much work he puts into it this summer and through fall camp," said Breske.

Count on Lemora putting in all the work one can.

"It's more than he loves football, he needs football. His whole karma is about football. And you really like that as a coach. I'm not worried about him not putting the time and effort in to become better at his position. He just needs more time… He will contribute this fall, to what degree we'll see."

Markell Sanders spent the spring primarily running on the scout team. As can be expected from a true freshman who only arrived in January, he's still getting his bearings. The summer will be important to his development as well.

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