Deone Bucannon and NFL Draft Day Central

ROB RANG OF came out today with his final mock draft and in the process became the first mainstream media type to project Washington State All-American safety Deone Bucannon going in the first round. Rang sees Bucannon being taken by the Packers this evening with the 21st overall pick.

If that were to come true, Bucannon would bump 1950s Cougar quarterback Bob Newman out of the top 12 list of highest-ever-drafted Cougs.

It would also make a huge difference in Bucannon's bottom line. The singing bonus for the No. 21 pick figures to be around $4.8 million versus $1 million or so for those going in the middle- to late-second-round.

Most draft pundits envision Bucannon going somewhere between the second round and upper half of the third. Among them, ESPN's Mel Kiper has him going to the Ravens with the 48th pick and rates him the 44th overall prospect, which would put him in a Rams uniform. Meanwhile, and both slot Bucannon as the 53rd overall pick, to the Packers.

For the most complete analysis of Bucannon's strengths and weaknesses, take a read of THIS REPORT by Dave-Te Thomas of NFL Draft Report. It goes into incredible detail.

And for a one-stop look at the draft, from prospect analyses to sleeper picks, draft order to stat comparisons, head to the NFL Draft Guide.

The draft begins tonight at 5 p.m. Pacific with the first round, then continues tomorrow with the second and third rounds, and concludes Saturday with the fourth-through-seventh rounds. TV coverage can be found on ESPN and the NFL Network.


No. 1 overall, QB Drew Bledsoe (Patriots), 1993
No. 2 overall, QB Ed Goddard (Brooklyn), 1937
No. 2 overall, QB Ryan Leaf (Chargers), 1998
No. 3 overall, QB Jack Thompson (Bengals), 1979
No. 9 overall, DB Clancy Williams (Rams), 1965
No. 11 overall, RB Marcus Trufant (Seahawks), 2003
No. 12 overall, WR Ed Barker (Rams), 1953
No. 13 overall, DE Keith Millard (Vikings), 1984
No. 13 overall, LB Mark Fields (Saints), 1995
No. 18 overall, DT Laurie Niemi (Washington, 2nd round), 1949
No. 19 overall, DB Ken Greene (Cardinals), 1978
No. 20 overall, RB Steve Broussard (Falcons), 1990
No. 22 overall, QB Bob Newman (49ers, 2nd round), 1958
No. 31 overall, DT Leon Bender (Raiders, 2nd round), 1998
Of note: Timm Rosenbach was the No. 2 overall pick in the 1989 NFL Supplemental Draft. And while that effectively makes him a first-round draft pick, because that's what it cost the Cardinals to take him, we technically couldn't determine the best way to include him here.

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