Cougs have begun the big move

WSU RECEIVED THE keys to the new Football Operations Building on Monday. But there was no fanfare, no ribbon cutting, no celebration to mark the opening of the new $61 million dollar jewel at Washington State.

That's because a move of this size won't happen in a day.

Indeed, moving in all the equipment, furniture, computer systems and everything else will take place over the next month or so, WSU associate athletic director John Johnson says.

"We have a systematic approach to getting it ready for occupancy over the month – it'll probably take three weeks to a month for that to happen," said Johnson.

Johnson said everyone won't arrive all at once and that it will be a phased approach. For example, the weight room, equipment and training rooms are likely to be ready for use before some of the offices, with much of the custom made furniture slated to be installed later in June.

Yet the end result, said Johnson, will be "spectacular."

"On every floor you can see the game field and the practice fields and I think that's unique," said Johnson. "I think what else is unique is many times (you see) the weight room on the bottom floor and in the basement. Ours is on the second floor and has glass and natural light, it's airy and open to the game field and practice field.

"And it was designed to be part of campus. Our students who walk from the north part of campus (can) interact with the Operations Building every day… there's an elevated walkway for students to go through -- we have a Heritage Room that has the history of Washington State football and they'll be able to go into this lobby-museum-type space to learn about and enjoy the history of Washington State football."

In a related move, the turf at one of the practice fields at Rogers was being replaced Tuesday. It was used as a staging area for the construction company and the replacement turf is part of the new Football Ops Building expense.

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