WSU HOOPS RECRUITING: Changing by the hour

THE LATE SIGNING PERIOD in college basketball comes to a close on Wednesday and the Cougars have two spots left to fill. And things are changing by the minute. Here's the latest on the Washington State basketball recruiting front.

One of those two remaining spots at WSU won't be filled by Portland guard Victor Sanders.

Earlier this morning, Sanders told CF.C's Nick Daschel that Ernie Kent offered him four days ago, that he planned on taking a trip to WSU later this week and that he was leaning toward signing financial aid papers if everything went well on his trip.

A few hours later, I got a phone call from an AAU coach that had read the article and around the same time Daschel got a text from Sanders, saying that WSU had cancelled the visit and told him they were going in a different direction – i.e. after a big man.

The AAU coach asked to remain anonymous and told me the WSU trip was never firmly scheduled and that Sanders hadn't ever been offered by WSU. Sometimes kids misunderstand being recruited and being offered a scholie – it happens. The end result is that WSU doesn't look to be planning on using one of their two remaining scholies on Sanders, who says he plans on taking trips to Idaho and UTEP this summer.

As for the mystery big man, Ernie Kent said on Monday's Cougar Calls with Bill Moos he planned on using both spots on guards, with the emphasis on big men waiting until next class.

So who is in the mix for the Cougs tomorrow?

The best guess from this chair is the Cougars may sign no one tomorrow, or they may sign one player. Guards Ahmad Rorie and Brandon Chauca look like the strongest candidates, with Rorie seeming most likely of the two to make his choice on Wednesday.

Chauca may end up taking more time, in which case he would no longer sign a letter of intent with the signing period ends tomorrow. He, or any other player joing a program after Wednesday, would instead sign a financial aid agreement.

An FAA binds the school to the player but not the player to the school. It's the same thing that the WSU football program did with Calvin Green, click here to visit the CF.C archives.

The Cougs have signed three this class – guards Ny Redding and Jackie Davis and forward Aaron Cheatum. The last two spots, even with the signing period coming to a close tomorrow, may yet take a little longer to fill.

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