At 5-7, Cougs' West has a 7-foot personality

PULLMAN – The last time we caught up with Cougar running back Theron West he said he wanted to "be the hammer, not the nail" in the 2014 season, a mantra he plans to pass along to his number one inspiration, his son Theron Jr. Recently West Sr. sat down with CF.C for a more lighthearted interview on a wide range of topics.

After bursting onto the scene in last year's New Mexico Bowl, West climbed the depth chart this spring to become the primary option out of the Cougars' backfield.

In a more familiar role, West is well-known amongst his teammates as one of the more boisterous guys on the team. The 5-foot-7 senior totes a 7-foot personality, whether he's joking around, dancing, trash-talking or mentoring younger teammates.

Here's the transcript of CF.C's interview with West:

CF.C: If you could play any position other than running back, what would it be?
Theron West: "Quarterback. I get the ball every play and I get to run? That's pretty fun."

CF.C: How many touchdowns could you throw in a season at quarterback?
TW: "I'm throwing a lot for sure, because everybody's gonna expect me to run… Nah, I'm lying, throwing none. But I'm-a-rush for 1,000 yards, though."

CF.C: Who would you vote most likely to become head coach of WSU one day? How different would the team be?
TW: "What's better than going with Connor? He's a pretty good leader and he takes control pretty well. IT would be a lot different. They have a different style offense, I'll say that. Connor would love to throw the ball, obviously, but he'd change it up for sure."

CF.C: Which NFL player do you try to pattern your game after?
TW: "I've taken a couple things from a lot of them -- Marshawn Lynch, extremely. LeSean McCoy, he's pretty elusive. He's a big guy but still can run. I got my little small backs that I like, Jacquizz Rodgers, he's pretty powerful. I always liked LaMichael (James) in college but I haven't been able to see too much of him in the NFL."

CF.C: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
TW: "Flying, I don't know, I always wanted to fly for some reason. Flying seems pretty fun."

CF.C: Who's the funniest guy on the team?
TW: "I'm gonna go with Kache (Palacio). Everything about him is just funny, like, he could just tell you a random story about a teacher or something and it just turns funny for some strange reason."

CF.C: Who's the biggest trash talker on the team?
TW: I'm gonna have to give that to Daquawn Brown. He never stops, he's just going and going like the Energizer bunny.

CF.C: Mike Leach walks in and says "who ate my lunch?" Who would you say is most likely to have eaten Leach's lunch?
TW: Gabe Marks. Gabe for sure, Gabe seems like the only one that'll do something like that. He'd be like, ‘Oh, this is Leach's? Let me have some.' He seems like the only one to do it.

CF.C: Who would win in a 40-yard dash between Joe Dahl (307-pounds) and Cody O'Connell (345-pounds)?
TW: "I'm-a-give it to Joe. I think Joe is a little more athletic than Cody. Cody's big, extremely big. It's hard to run with that big body."

CF.C: Who would win a bull-in-the-ring between Mike Leach and running backs coach Jim Mastro?
TW: "I'm giving that to Mastro hands down. Leach always tell us, ‘You should've seen Mastro in college,' and Mastro has a distinctive ‘gotta win' mentality. Everything he does he has to win, no matter what it is."

CF.C: Are there any funny/memorable moments you've had with Mike Leach?
TW: "I had a bunch of funny ones. He was talking about the o-linemen using their hands and getting their hands on the guy, and he was basically telling them, ‘Extend your arms, you don't want them to be bent up all the time. If you have kids they're gonna come out with bent arms.' It was pretty funny."

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