Lots of name calling directed at biggest Coug

PULLMAN – When it comes to poking fun at his size, Cody O'Connell has heard it all. At 6-foot-8 and 345-pounds, the redshirt freshman offensive lineman is both the tallest and heaviest player on the Washington State roster. The hulking Coug recently talked with CF.C about his various size-based nicknames, his strangest cuisine choice and more.

O'Connell has a chance to earn playing time as a second-year freshman with multiple positions potentially available on the offensive line. He spent most of spring ball running with the 2s at right tackle.

When you meet O'Connell, he comes off as a gentle giant. He stands out in any crowd, not just because of his size, but due to the cheerful demeanor he brings along with him when he enters a room.

He brought that exact vibe to this interview, which is transcribed here:

Cougfan.com: What's the funniest moment you've had with Coach Mike Leach?
Cody O'Connell: "When I got my nickname ‘The Continent'. I never heard it before and it was called during bull-in-the-ring and he just kinda called out that name and no one knew who it was. It just kind of went around for a little bit and no one stepped up and then he said my name and I was like, ‘Oh, that's me.'"

Cougfan.com: Do you like the nickname ‘The Continent'?
CO: "I gotta stick with it. I really don't care. Everyone calls me something that relates to being big. It's just another nickname."

Cougfan.com: What are some other nicknames people have for you?
CO: "'Big'n,' that's from Coach (Clay) McGuire. I got ‘Fat Boy', that's from Coach (Paul) Volero. I kinda like that one. I got ‘Polar Bear' from a lot of friends back home. I got a lot of them that relate to bears."

Cougfan.com: Why bears?
CO: "I don't know. I guess that's what everyone thinks of me as, apparently."

Cougfan.com: So what's your favorite?
CO: "I gotta stick with ‘The Continent,' just because it's original."

Cougfan.com: Being so tall, do you ever awkwardly bump into things?
CO: "Oh, all the time. Walking over to the CATT (Cougar Athletic Training Table) where we eat for dinners, there's a short door and sometimes I get to talking with someone and hit my forehead on it. And it's sharp so it hurts like (heck)."

Cougfan.com: What celebrity would you want to sit next to at a professional sporting event?
CO: "I'd go with Scarlett Johansson, just so I could sit next to her."

Cougfan.com: What pickup line would you use on her?
CO: "I don't know, she's already sitting next to me so that's a good start."

Cougfan.com: What is the weirdest meal you've ever eaten?
CO: "This is a hard one, I've had it all. It was a bologna sandwich with pickles. It was like a bagel, bologna, pickles, cheese (cheddar) - I think – because I had it with Cole (Madison)… and he put honey on it and said it was really good so I had to try it."

Cougfan.com: A bagel bologna sandwich with cheese, pickles and honey, was it good?
CO: "It wasn't that bad. It was after a workout so I'm not sure if I was just really hungry or it was actually good. Don't try it, (If I were you) I wouldn't try it, but I was really hungry."

Cougfan.com: Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?
CO: "See, Carlos (Freeman) is a Batman fan, and I like Superman. So I gotta go with Superman, I'm sorry Carlos but I gotta do it. I think Superman would outlast Batman, Batman's only human. It'd be a good fight but I think Superman could do it."

Cougfan.com: You're on an island, assuming you have food and shelter, what three other items would you take with you?
CO: "A boat...I've got shelter so I need a place to sleep so I would take a hammock. Maybe some stuff to easily start a fire, so I could be warm during those nights. I don't know that last one. I've already got food and shelter… I gotta stick with that boat. If I'll be alone I might as well have fun on a boat."

Cougfan.com: Who would you vote most likely to become head coach of WSU one day? How different would the team be?
CO: "I could see Riley Sorenson being the guy. He's smart and kind of relaxed. He's reserved but knows what he's doing. I think they'd actually be pretty good. It depends on who he has around him as coaches, but I think he'd do pretty good."

Cougfan.com: Who could you beat in a 40-yard out of the o-linemen?
CO: "Probably Sam Flor... I think we're about the same (speed). I'm not sure, I haven't raced anybody so I'm not confident in my speed."

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