Color coming to Martin Stadium end zones?

THERE'S AN OLD ADAGE in college football that nothing gets fans fired up like uniforms and end zone colors. So you can imagine how bored Notre Dame partisans become when those two topics arise. Actually, there isn't an old adage about uniforms and end zones, but one thing we've learned in nearly 16 years of message board watching is that they are topics in which everyone has an opinion.

So when the official Twitter page of the WSU football program (@wsucougfb) recently tossed up a photo of the new Field Turf being installed on Rogers Field, we couldn't help but notice the end zone turf colored red (sadly, not crimson) and COUGARS spelled in what appears to be a light gray.

This is just the practice field, mind you. But don't you generally try to have your practice field mimic the real thing?

On June 8, the "real thing," Martin Stadium, will be getting its own new Field Turf carpet.

And the guess here is that the many readers who have been calling for years for the end zones to be colored crimson (er, red) will finally get their wish.

Speaking of the official WSU football Twitter account, they've posted some great photos in the last 24 hours. Along with a broader shot of the Rogers Field end zone installation, here they are ...

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