What They're Saying: Cougs on Twitter

IT'S FAIRLY CLEAR Cougar Beau Glover didn't actually say the things he's quoted as saying on Twitter by his Cougar teammates. But Brett Bartolone, Connor Halliday and others certainly seem to enjoy chronicling the nuggets of wisdom attributed to the WSU safety.

Move over Bartlett, the most familiar book of quotations will surely soon belong to Beau Glover.

Here's a sampling of recent tweets by Cougar football players…

Brett Bartolone
"A cop once pulled me over. So I gave him a ticket." -Beau Glover

Parker Henry
"I invented Electricity, freedom, radio, party's, couches, the appetizer, and water. I'm the greatest human ever" -Beau Glover

Brett Bartolone
"I wake up and I piss excellence. " -Beau Glover

Brett Bartolone
"I'm glad u guys are quoting me everyone deserves to hear of my greatness." -Beau Glover

Beau Glover
Does anyone have an old verizon phone my boy @gunnar63_eklund can borrow for a couple weeks??

Ivan McLennan
Just talked to my dad for the first time in 8 years WOW!!!

Gabe Marks
Early morning McDonalds to start a legendary day in Pullman history

Peyton Pelluer
This is too real!!! I'm going to start shutting down my phone more often... Goodnight world Link

Connor Halliday
Fat Jonah Hill is the best lol

Jerred Sonneborn
According to Back To The Future, the Cubs are suppose to win the World Series next year

Sebastian LaRue
Almost got stung by a bee just now.

Tyler Bruggman
Never a dull moment with Cheetah!

Carlos Freeman
Love talking about Dragonball Z. Even in college I find guys who love the series too. bang bang.

John Thompson
Thank you god for blessing me to see another day

Gerard Wicks
God work in mysterious ways! Walk by faith not by sight

Rickey Galvin
In due time , in due time

Devonte McClain
My shoes came in rogue! I'm too juiced

Darius Lemora
I'm always the brother

Luke Falk
Only put sunscreen on my shoulders... Didn't really work haha

Robert Lewis
My bday is 10 days tho

Jacob Seydel
Taco Bell is really gonna make me wait 3 minutes to get the happy hour deal.

Wes Concepcion
Feels good to get back into punting

Erik Anderson
This work grind is gonna take some time to get used too

Nick Begg
It's great to be home

Robert Barber
FIFA champ lol

Riley Sorenson retweet
Ironic that I'm tweeting this but it really makes you think about what you might be missing out on..

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