Call this WSU BUCK 'Ivan the Entertainer'

PULLMAN – Ivan McLennan is new to showing off his pass-rushing skills from the outside linebacker position. But he's no stranger to being the center of attention when showing off his dance moves. The fourth-year junior from Lawndale, Calif., was quick to crown himself the best dancer on the Washington State team in a good-humored interview with CF.C the other day.

When discussing two of the current popular dance crazes, McLennan awarded fellow linebacker Paris Taylor the best "Nae Nae" dancer on the team and gave props to freshman safety Darius Lemora for his ability to do the "Yeet" dance the best.

But in everything else, McLennan is the cream of the Cougar crop.

McLennan is coming off a redshirt season after transferring in from El Camino JC and will be in the middle of the battle at BUCK linebacker with Kache Palacio when fall camp opens in August. Palacio, who started seven games last season, spent most of spring camp running with the 1s but McLennan took a fair number of first-team reps.

Among his teammates, McLennan is often referred to as the funniest guy on the team, but he weighed in on which guy really provides the most laughter, and more, in this interview:

CF.C: So who's the funniest guy on the team?
Ivan McLennan: "There's so many, man. The top three ... Kache Palacio, Theron West and Daquawn Brown. They're always telling jokes, they're just always talking, they're just funny, man. Those are the three funniest dudes on the team."

CF.C: Who's most likely to have a picture taken of them while they're asleep?
IM: "Daniel Ekuale ... Every time we're on the bus or something he's always asleep."

CF.C: Who takes the most selfies on the team?
IM: "Daniel Ekuale, he takes the most selfies on the team. He'll try to say it's me but it's really him."

CF.C: Why would he say it's you? Are you always taking selfies?
"Man, I ain't always taking selfies he just assumes I'm always taking selfies but it's really him that's always taking a selfie."

CF.C: If you could play any position other than linebacker, what would it be?br> "I'd play running back. I used to carry the ball a little bit in high school so I think I could play a little running back."

CF.C: If you scored a touchdown as a running back what would your celebration dance be?
"I gotta start cookin' up. I'd have to hit them with the chef, the wonton soup."

CF.C: Who would win in a 40-yard dash between Cody O'Connell (OL 345 pounds) and Robert Barber (DL 292 pounds)?
"Robert Barber. Oh yeah, for sure Robert Barber's got some wheels."

CF.C: But O'Connell has the advantage of longer strides, doesn't he?
IM: "He got them long strides but nah, he ain't ready for Robert Barber, Robert Barber got that heat."

CF.C: How about a race between Joe Dahl (OL 307-pounds) and Robert Barber?
IM: "Oh man, that would be a good one. But I'll give it to Robert Barber."

CF.C: Is Barber just the fastest lineman on the team?
IM "I wouldn't say that, but he's fast though. Out of the d-linemen, he's up there for sure."

CF.C Who would win a bull-in-the-ring between Mike Leach and linebackers coach Ken Wilson?
IM: "I gotta show my coach some love, Coach Wilson would get in Leach for sure. Coach Wilson got that technique, man. Coach Leach is too laid back."

CF.C: Who would you vote most likely to become head coach of WSU one day? How different would the team be?
IM: "I could see Toni Pole. He's just a good leader. He's humble but he'll let you know if you're messing up or encourage you to do better. It would be that loose but strict kind of atmosphere – sort of like a Pete Carroll feel – if Toni was head coach."

CF.C Which NFL player do you try to pattern your game after?
IM: "Some of the players I look up to a lot are Aldon Smith, Von Miller and Barkevious Mingo. I like looking at Khalil Mack - dude that just got drafted in the first round. Just a lot of people that play my position at a high level. Those are the type of people I like to look because I'm new to the position of BUCK. Just learning from them, seeing what type of techniques they use, what type of pass-rushing techniques they use, what type of blitzing techniques they use. Those are the guys that stick out to me, especially Von Miller ..."

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