And now, a frank chat with Darius Lemora

PULLMAN – Raw, unfiltered and uncensored. Those are just a few words to describe Darius Lemora, who did mention his love for the sport of fishing, but failed to note he could cuss like a sailor. The second-year Washington State freshman safety had no problem expressing himself to in a recent interview that we've edited for Coug fans of all ages to enjoy.

Lemora speaks with a fire and candor similar to WSU head man Mike Leach, whom he had admired from his days at Texas Tech, which is in Lemora's home state.

So maybe it's a Lone Star State thing?

Regardless, Lemora's small-town upbringing has helped transform him into a big-time athlete. He's also one of many Cougs on the roster with a huge chip on his shoulder. And he is no way shy about it.

Lemora prides himself on his hard-hitting ability but in his short time in Pullman has also developed a reputation for his dance moves. He's known as the team's best "Yeet" dancer, which he says he does in huddles to hype his teammates up.

We've transcribed our very frank interview with Lemora here, (Don't worry, no Coug parental advisory necessary):

CF.C: Who is a guy on another team that you want to lay a big hit on?
Darius Lemora: Man, that's a good one. I would have to say anybody from Oregon. I just want to show them that they missed out on a good guy because they dropped me after I broke my leg. I just want to %#&@# them up so every time I play them I'm going out with a vengeance.

CF.C: What happened when they dropped you?
DL: They were recruiting me and when I broke my leg I was on bed rest and they came up to the school looking for me. I guess they knew I wasn't able to get there and they just left me alone after that.

CF.C: Are there any other schools that you have it out for?
DL: Oh, it's a bunch of schools, all the schools that actually dropped me who were just like "Nah, we can't take a chance on you.' If we were to play any other school not on the West Coast I would love to play LSU and Alabama. LSU is very successful team and I feel like if we can beat their #&@#% then we can beat anybody's &#%@#. If we beat Alabama, I know for sure we can beat anybody. Alabama is one of the best teams in the country -- and I know for sure we will be one of the best teams in the country.

CF.C: The Cougars will be one of the best teams in the country this year?
DL: Oh yeah, for sure, no doubt.

CF.C: Who were some of the other schools that dropped you?
DL: Oregon State, UCLA, Texas Tech, UT, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Arizona.

CF.C: So why was WSU willing to take a chance on you?
DL: I don't know, I really don't. When the coach came I just started asking a bunch of questions like what do y'all want in a DB? He said ‘Shoot, we want some bangers.' Right then and there I said I want to come. I said ‘If you guys offer me today, I'm committing.' Ever since then I've been committed.

CF.C: What's it mean to you that WSU was willing to take that chance on you?
DL: It means everything in the world. Growing up, I didn't know #&@#% about college football or high school football. I just played it because I loved the sport. Knowing that they were willing to take the risk and have me up here playing for them…I was like man I'm cool with it. I'll come up here and do they best I can, contribute as much as I can, wherever y'all need me to play I'll play. I'm not gonna #&@#% and moan about it, it is what it is. And knowing Coach Leach is up here – I wanted to play at Texas Tech since I was young, that was my top school for sure. Once I found out he was here I was, ‘Oh, I'm coming.'

CF.C: If you could play any other position other than safety what would it be?
DL: Running back, because I like to give that initial pop, I like the contact. So if you hit me I'm gonna hit you back, and if I give you a move then I give you move. If you go down, you go down.

CF.C: Who's the hardest hitter on the team?
DL: Man, me! I'm the hardest hitter on the team. They got me bent, if you come my way I'm banging you off top.

CF.C: What's the biggest hit you ever laid on someone?
DL: Spring game on Kristoff Williams coming across the middle, that was the biggest hit. Man, knowing that Kristoff is one of the best receivers we've got on the team and one of the biggest receivers on the team, and I hit him like that, I was like yeah ... I was really going for the ball but I seen him open up so I just aimed in and got him.

CF.C: Do you have a favorite movie?
DL: '300' that's my favorite movie off top.

CF.C: Do you think that movie is similar to football at all?
DL: It really is because everybody has to work together to succeed, if they all work together and cooperate, for sure you'll get to the promised land.

CF.C: Is that why it's your favorite movie?
DL: That, and because they're fearless. They won't let nothing or nobody get in their way from trying to get what they want and that's how I am. Me having to deal with my toe and my leg and coming from a small town and not having much, I'm not about to let nobody tell me that I can't do nothing, at all. If you tell me that I'm not about to start, I'm gonna prove you wrong and I'm gonna start. You tell me I'm not about to do good this game, then I'm-a-do good that game. Ain't nobody about to bring me down.

CF.C: Have you always been like that?
DL: Always, because I was always the small guy. I look big, everybody thinks I'm big but I'm really not, I'm just 183 (pounds). Like coming up here, when I committed it was, ‘Well, he might not get that much playing time, he might be a good special teams guy but I feel like he could still contribute to the team.' Y'all think that but at the end of the day I'm-a do it all.

CF.C: If you were on an island, assuming you have food and shelter, what three items would you take with you?
DL: My cell phone for sure, my girlfriend for sure, and a boat ... I'd wanna go venture out and fish.

CF.C: You know how to fish?
DL: Yeah, me and my daddy go fishing all the time. When I go home, as soon as I land, no matter what time of day, I'm already on the lake. We fish all day and we just be talking. What really inspired me to fish is because it's relaxing, I really don't have to think that much, I'm just chilling.

CF.C: Can you recall a funny moment you've had with Mike Leach?
DL: Midnight Maneuvers, when he was talking about the sand pit. People were missing class, getting in trouble all the time, being late and he was like: ‘One day you're gonna get in the sand pit and you're gonna walk out and you're gonna get up and go: what's that dripping down my leg? Oh, it's sand. Then you're gonna go lay down in your bed and you're gonna feel something rolling around in your bed and be like hey, that's sand. Then you're gonna take a shower, get out, dry off and then be like, what's still on me? That's sand?!

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