Jalen Canty explains the situation

JALEN CANTY, who announced yesterday on Twitter that he won't be coming to Washington State but did not say why, now tells Cougfan.com what was behind the decision to instead attend junior college.

"We've been (requesting) a waiver for me to be cleared by NCAA because past schools I went to weren't NCAA (accredited.) After taking the SAT 4 times. I repeatedly kept receiving the exact same score. My parents didn't have enough money to get me a tutor or to pay for the last one, after talking for a long time we decided not to do it," Jalen Canty told CF.C through direct messaging.

Also in play was Canty's love for the sport of basketball.

"Part of it has to do with love of hoop over football," wrote Canty, "And I used football to play D1 hoop but after a while I figure I had to take football serious even tho I used my last year of high school to have fun with football didn't really know it would take me this far."

As it became increasingly more likely Canty would not qualify academically, he said he began to question his commitment to football.

"I didn't want to do something I didn't like for the next 4 years. Even though I would play hoops too I wouldn't have the time to work on my craft to be an impact (player) as I want to be in college basketball. My family and I decided to opt out of the Washington State route and go to Casper, a high juco for hoops in Wyoming," wrote Canty.

Canty was an intriguing get for the Cougs back when he signed in February. At 6-8, 270-pounds, he projected as a raw but impressive DE/DL, earning the Tri-County League Lineman of the Year award and becoming a first-team all-league selection in 2013 -- despite it being his first year playing prep football. He also expressed his desire to play basketball at Washington State at the time he signed with the Cougs.

Canty his senior season in 2013 racked up 76 tackles and led the state of California with 22 sacks. He chose WSU over offers from UW, Oregon, Utah, Vanderbilt and Fresno State.

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