There's more of Halliday this offseason

WASHINGTON STATE quarterback Connor Halliday is never going to be mistaken for Ben Roethlisberger. But heading into his fifth and final season at Washington State, he has put on a good 20 pounds this offseason.

"I think my biggest deal (this offseason) was gaining a little weight," Connor Halliday told ESPN. "I think I have a good concept of the offense now and I think I know what coach (Mike) Leach wants from me. So my biggest deal was gaining a few pounds. I was about 180 pounds last year, and I'm 200 to 201 pounds now. That has been nice to have that extra weight on."

Halliday said the Cougs are running skelly three days a week.

"We do actual drives. We keep track of scores and our defense has to stop us -- it's a point for us if we score, it's a point for them if they stop us. We have to go 60 yards to score," said Halliday.

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