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THE START OF the 2014-15 season is still months away. But it's not too early for bowl projections. Washington State will travel to Nevada in Week 2 and the Sporting News projects the Cougs will make a return trip to the state for the postseason.

Sporting News predicts this matchup for the Las Vegas Bowl:

Boise State vs. Washington State.

The Las Vegas bowl starting this year is the No. 6 bowl of the seven Pac-12 bowl tie-ins. The Pac-12 will generally seed teams by record, the traditional way. But the door is open to move teams around if the Pac-12 determines it makes more sense to them to have a certain team in a certain bowl and/or to avoid a repeat Pac-12 participant in the same bowl.

The 2014 Pac-12 bowl line-up:
1. College Football Playoff/Rose
2. Alamo Bowl (vs Big-12)
3. Holiday Bowl (vs Big Ten)
4. Kraft Bowl (vs Big Ten)
5. Sun Bowl (vs ACC)
6. Las Vegas Bowl (vs. MWC)
7. (formerly the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, currently in search of a sponsor) (vs. Big-12)

IS 2014 THE season Cougar wideout Gabe Marks takes a big step forward? Rant Sports thinks so. They've picked the Cougar wideout No. 5 among their top ten players to emerge from the Pac-12 this season.

"In 2013, Washington State wide receiver Gabe Marks finished as the top receiver on the team with 807 yards as a sophomore. With head coach Mike Leach and his historically prolific offenses, I expect those numbers to go up a lot more this year. Marks has one more year's experience playing football, but more importantly, it's one more year in Leach's offense. Look for Marks to have a big year," says Rant Sports.

THE ED O'BANNON TRIAL is into its second week and the NCAA is expected to begin calling their witnesses starting today.

NCAA president Mark Emmert is scheduled to testify in the class-action antitrust trial in Oakland, California on Thursday. The trial is expected to end next week.

The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction that would prohibit the NCAA from limiting what Bowl Subdivision football players and Division I men's basketball players can earn from use of their names, likenesses and images.

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