Leach adds new title on staff retreat

STURGEON-SMURGEON. Forget about the monster fish Mike Leach and crew pulled in last week during the Cougar staff's annual retreat to McCall, Idaho. Leach laid claim to a far more important title during the staff's three-day trip …

Shuffleboard King.

"Clay McGuire and Graham Harrell ran the table all night long," WSU running backs coach Jim Mastro told Cougfan.com. "It went on for 5-6 hours, 'Next! 'Next!' So here's Leach, he goes over there about 1:30 in the morning, he's played it like once before in his life. And him and Chris Reinert our new defensive GA, they beat Clay and Graham."

Leach wasn't exactly quiet about the win.

"Immediately, a mass text went out to the staff on his greatness," laughed Mastro, "and how Graham and Clay tried real hard but they just couldn't beat Mike Leach and Chris Reinert. It went on the whole bus ride the next day."

THE COUGAR STAFF split up into groups, with some playing golf and others going fishing.

"I'm not what you would call much of an outdoorsman so I picked the golf," said Mastro. "It was a lot of fun, (we) played 27 holes and it's beautiful up there. And the other guys went fishing and I'm sure you saw the sturgeon they caught.

"It was good stuff bonding," said Mastro. "You get to see another side of all the coaches… people think the coaching staff is always together but really, you're not. You're segregated into offense and defense a lot of the day so you really don't hang out. So it was fun to hang out and really, it's endless laughs."

The retreat also allowed the coaches to talk philosophy and reflect on the job done so far and where they're headed.

"We're always reevaluating, but as far as the goals, the goals in Leach's program never change…We always talk about as coaches, what can we do to make ourselves better and make our players better. That's always going on constantly," said Mastro.

The WSU coaches' retreat was held in the lake resort town of McCall for the second straight year. The first year the WSU coaches decamped to Coeur d'Alene.

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