McGuire's State of the Union on the Coug OL

WASHINGTON STATE'S offensive line can no longer be considered undersized as they were the first year offensive line coach Clay McGuire arrived in Pullman. The five projected starters coming out of spring ball averaged 6-foot-5, 304 pounds. With depth chart in hand, we asked McGuire for his thoughts on each of the Cougar offensive linemen ...

Joe Dahl: "Joe had a great spring. He's tremendously improved in everything he's done since he's got here. We've moved him out to left tackle and I think he's going to be a heckuva player out there."

Gunnar Eklund: "Gunnar Eklund has done a great job. He's been a real vocal and outgoing leader. He has done a good job of focusing on what he needs to.. he does a good job being the commander of that group, so to say."

Cole Madison: "Cole is extremely talented and he's doing really well right now. It's one of those things with Cole that he's going to be a good football player no matter what. But if he ever figures out what it takes to be the best then he has that chance to be a guy who becomes really, really good."

Jacob Seydel: "He missed all of (last) year but the redshirt year was positive for him. He was kind of in and out of bring a basketball and football player in high school and his best years are to come."

Sam Flor: "Sam has done real well, he's maturing with every offseason and every time we do something he gets better and better. I think Sam has a chance to be a good player here."

Riley Sorenson: "Same thing as Sam. And he just needs to continue to learn what it is to be a Division I football player. He's really talented, comes from a really good program and was really well coached. He just needs to continue to work, push forward and make sure we get the most out of his abilities."

Eduardo Middleton: "Eduardo has done a really good job, it's kind of been one of those things that it's kinda clicked for him. He's transformed from being a pretty good freshman to getting into one of those lulls to where it's kinda turned on and clicked for him that hey, this is how you work in college. He's gotten a lot better and is continuing to get better, he's doing a lot of good things out there."

Cody O'Connell: "Cody, the sky's the limit for him. When he really, truly figures out what he is and what he can be and turns it on and we get that out of him, he's got a chance to be as good as anybody out there."

Devonte McClain: "Devonte had a good spring, just needs to continue to work. He hasn't played a whole lot of football in his career, he's only played three years of football… you look for it to kind of click for him, the more he plays the better he's going to get."

Carlos Freeman: "Carlos is young, he needs to continue to develop in our system and our program and learn how to work hard and compete at the college level."

B.J. Salmonson: "B.J. is working hard, we've had to play him out of position in the spring and last fall (at tackle rather than inside) but we're going to get him back into when he belongs and he's a kid if he continues to work hard and really focuses on what he's doing he has a chance to play here."

Sean Krepsz: "Sean had a really good spring, especially for someone who should be in high school, he came out early. Just real young and will continue to get better and better every offseason he has and the more reps he gets."

Nick Begg: "Nick just needs to continue to develop, trying to put weight on him and for him to bulk up. He's kind of going to play a combination of tight end and o-line depending on his size and where he gets to at that point."

We also asked Clay McGuire about Leach's win on the shuffleboard court at WSU's staff retreat and McGuire let out a laugh. It's clear Leach and McGuire enjoy one another's company. "What everyone didn't read in the fine print was that of the five games he played, he only won one of them," said McGuire. "Knowing he couldn't beat us again he tried to proclaim that was the championship match but it's hard to be a champion when you're 1-4."

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