HOOPS: Incoming Coug Dunbar wows in pro-am

TREVOR DUNBAR is going to be loads of fun to watch in a Cougar uniform. In a pro-am summer game, he and his Bay Raiders team prevailed this week despite being outnumbered by a 20-man team from Bay City. But it was Dunbar's speed, dribbling and shake-and-bake moves that were the storyline.

The outcome was already decided by the fourth quarter according to an article in Haight Street Hardwood. But the 110-85 win for Dunbar and the Raiders wasn't what had the crowd buzzing.

It was how Dunbar took over the fourth quarter.

There were stop-pop, hesitation and between the legs dribbles galore. Each would-be defender was said to be left "stumbling off to one side or another.

"Dunbar's finishes hold the same aesthetic beauty, dropping pinpoint behind the head passes to a teammates or a soft one handed lay-in off the glass," said the article.

Dunbar ended with a game-high 22 points.

But his stat line was an afterthought.

"As anyone that was around for the closing act will tell you, the show Dunbar put on was far more relevant than the 20-plus he dropped," said the article.

  • The San Francisco ProCity Basketball Summer League brings together college, future college, ex-college, and some pros for a nine-week summer league.

  • Dunbar averaged 21.5-points, six assists, five rebounds and three steals a game. Among his postseason honors: He was named the 2014 Chronicle Player of the Year for San Francisco.

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