Suggested NCAA contact limits already at WSU

THE NCAA suggested several new practice guidelines related to the prevention. diagnosis and treatment of concussions in college football on Monday. So what changes at Washington State and in the Pac-12? Well, nothing.

That's because the Pac-12 a year ago became the second conference, after the Ivy League, to limit full contact practices to two during the season.

The new NCAA guidelines are not legislated rules, which means they can be adjusted as new and ongoing research becomes available.

They include limiting teams to two full-contact practices per week during the regular season; limiting the contact during fall camp to one per day, four per week and 12 in total; and limiting the number of full-contact practices per week in spring ball to two.

The guidelines also stipulate that the school's medical director be allowed autonomy to determine whether an injured player can return to play.

The NFL, at the insistence of the players' union, made a change in 2011 that a team could have only one full contact practice a week during the season. The NFL also does not allow contact or pads during their nine-week offseason practice program.

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