The 10 best players on 2014 Cougars: No. 7

NEXT UP ON our countdown is a Washington State player who had a terrific spring, so much so that it seems impossible for him to duplicate one particular stat from last season.

Hard to believe, but Kristoff Williams had no touchdown catches last season.

Among WSU’s top eight receivers in 2013, he was the only one without a TD reception. (The year before, he tied for second on team with four touchdown grabs.)

But what he did do this past season was post 51 receptions, third-most on the squad, for 490 yards. He also returned 5 kickoffs for 96 yards.

The fifth-year senior also posted six tackles, leading some to wonder if he might also be a gunner-extraordinaire in 2014 the way Jason Hill once was for the Cougs.

But first and foremost, he’ll make his contributions as a receiver.

The question for 2014 is if he’ll continue to be good, or turn in something great.

Outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons told last month that Williams sometimes doesn’t realize how strong, and how good, he is at wideout.

“Because from a physical standpoint, he can be the best receiver that has every walked through the door here,” said Simmons. “He is physically gifted. Runs fast, athletic, all those little intangibles. Now he's just got to put it together and really, just showcase his talent in a game like he does in practice when he doesn't feel like anyone is watching.”

Williams is listed as a “Y” receiver (inside) but like many, he’s plenty capable of playing both in the slot and on the outside. Indeed, his 6-2, 214-pound frame and strength to beat press coverage outside makes him Exhibit A of a versatile Mike Leach-type of wideout.

Simmons added that he’s very proud of Williams for doing all the things in the classroom you hope a student-athlete will do. Now he has one last season to leave the same kind of mark on the football field.

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