The highs and lows of WSU's freshman class

FORMER COUGAR coach Bill Doba used to joke that when it came to recruiting, every player’s speed could be measured in one of two ways: with “internet” time or actual time. To a lesser degree, Doba's doubts about database listings for the 40 also can apply to heights and weights.

So each July, when WSU releases the new roster, it’s fun to see how the sizes of the incoming freshmen compare with what had been listed by during the recruiting cycle.

Sometimes, the numbers are right on target or very close, as was the case this season with Peyton Bender and others.

But many can be off base, and typically in a way that shows the player isn’t as big as you thought.

The reason for that different between real and reported is pretty straight forward: high school coaches and the players themselves -- aiming to put the best possible bow on the package -- provide much of the info that Scout and others use in listings. Other times it’s a simple case of an editor accidentally hitting a wrong key on input.

With that setting the table, here's a closer look at the physiques of WSU's freshman class of football players ...

When it comes to height loss, the area of most notable attrition between real vs. expected is at cornerback. Kevin Griffin and Pat Porter are each three inches shorter than listed during the recruiting cycle and they’re several pounds lighter, with Griffin at 5-10, 168 pounds and Porter at 5-9, 163. Another corner, Sulaiman Hameed , lost one inch but gained seven pounds. WSU has him at 5-10, 182.

On offense, the biggest loss of height was at running back and receiver, where 190-pound RB Squally Canada went from 6-0 to 5-10; WR Zaire Andre from 6-0 to 5-10; and WR Keith Harrington from 5-8½ to 5-7. Andre also lost 13 pounds, to 157.

Of note is that when it comes to height, WSU doesn’t count partial inches. So if you’re 6-3 ½, for instance, WSU lists you at 6-3.

WHAT STOOD OUT MOST while perusing the roster of freshmen, though, was the bulk added by four guys (pictured above) on defense ...

  • LB Frankie Luvu is checking in at 6-2, 219 pounds. That’s an inch taller and 14 pounds heavier than originally listed.

  • LB Greg Hoyd comes in at 6-1, which is an inch shorter than original, but he’s tipping the scales at 225, up 15 pounds from his previous listing.

  • LB Chandler Leniu, like Hoyd, has lost an inch, to 6-0, but he’s weighing 250 pounds – up 25 from his listing last year; and

  • DT Ngalu Tapa also lost an inch, from 6-3 to 6-2, but he weighs 314 pounds – up a whopping 34 pounds from the 280 listed during the recruiting cycle.

    On offense, the biggest jump in weight was posted by lineman Sean Krepsz, who arrived to WSU in January. He’s up 33 pounds, from 295 to 328. And he’s holding firm in height, at 6-5.

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