Reddit: Leach says no to the dro

SINCE MARIJUANA WAS legalized in Washington State, the question has been asked countless times in college football circles. Would Mike Leach still kick players off the team if they partake in something now deemed legal? During his Reddit AMA on Friday morning, Leach addressed that question and many more from Cougar fans.

When Leach arrived to Washington State, he made it clear that he would be strict when it came to three violations: stealing, hitting a woman and using drugs.

When it comes to marijuana, Leach didn’t waste any time reminding his players the use of it would lead to immediate dismissal. This included starting linebacker Sekope Kaufusi, who was kicked off the team in early March of 2012 after being arrested and charged with possession of less than 40 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Fast forward to 2014, and pot is now legal in Washington state. Stores are opening up and distribution is fast rising.

So does Leach still hold the same policy now that it’s legal? Here are five of Leach’s answers from his Reddit AMA this morning, including clarification on where he stands with pot.

• How are you dealing with marijuana legalization in your team's state? Have there been any talks with players about it still being against NCAA rules? Are your coaches allowed to partake in their off time or is that against university policy?

Mike Leach:
The marijuana rule has not been a problem for us. It is illegal on our team and if we find anyone using marijuana, we will dismiss them from the team. With all do respect to those who enjoy marijuana, I believe that it is very counter-productive to having the best focused and most productive football team that I can have. Any of our players or coaches interested in it will have to do it after they finish their time here!

• Coach, how do you feel about TT boosters trying to get you paid for your final season at TT? They still love you a lot.

Mike Leach:
I've always been flattered and appreciative of the support I had at Texas Tech. We had a great ten years and I had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of great people there, so I really appreciate it. I saw the letter in the paper and it is pretty accurate. Texas Tech has not paid me for the last season that I worked in 2009, which is hard to imagine.

• If you could go back and be an assistant coach under any head coach, who would you want to learn under?

Mike Leach:
Really I would like to draw from a lot of them. It's awfully hard to nail it down to just one. If I could observe a coach handling people in their program it would be John Wooden.

• What recruiting tactic that other coaches use do you dislike or will never use?

Mike Leach:
First, I don't lie to them. If a recruit comes to your place and it is different than what he expects it to be, he is going to be dissatisfied and won't be as productive as he can be and would probably be better off somewhere else. We want guys that really want to be here and the only way that can effectively be evaluated is through honest dialogue.

Secondly, I avoid negative recruiting because everyone loses credibility there. I try to focus on why someone should come to our place instead of why they shouldn't go to another place.

• What is something a head coach does that many people may not realize?

Mike Leach:
In general, nobody outside of coaches has one earthly idea how many hours of film we watch. As far as head coaches, we are pulled in a huge amount of directions. At any given time, we have about 20 tasks going on. One of the great things is that we get the opportunity to know the variety that exists, and the lives of, 125 student athletes, along with our coaches and support staff, and that is fascinating.

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