WSU Recruiting: The waiting is hardest part

IT'S PERHAPS THE thing that sends CougFans into the deepest sense of angst this time of year - when or if the final recruits will arrive. In some years, everyone makes it in early and there's no drama. Other years, it seems the same daily question fills the boards: Is he here yet?! Here's the latest on the final two members of the class yet to join the WSU program: Deion Singleton and Barry Ware.

And five days into camp, it's becoming apparent that CougFans might just need to accept something -- this is going to take a while before a resolution comes, one way or the other.

Lionel Singleton, the older brother of Deion Singleton, told CF.C that Singleton is now taking an online course in an effort to complete his academic requirements.

"What they (WSU) told him they want him (in the program) by the time school starts," said the elder Singleton.

So that represents a shift. Before, the goal of course was for him to arrive before fall camp began. Now, the landscape has changed and WSU looks to have marked on or before Monday, Aug. 25, the first day of the fall term, on the calendar for Singleton.

Lionel estimated Deion would probably complete the online course late next week.

It's still possible Singleton qualifies and proceeds to set the field on fire. But the newcomers at camp are progressing with each fall camp practice, and they've also been in the program for a long enough time that things no longer feel new.

Logic therefore dictates that with each passing day, it would seem more likely that Singleton would probably be fitted for a redshirt than not, with his on-field contributions to WSU to come after the 2014 season. But, first things first.

Singleton, assuming he gets qualified and joins the program before classes start, could be a corner or a safety for the Cougs. The general thinking is that WSU would first look at him at corner.

Meanwhile, CF.C's efforts to reach Barry Ware have so far proven fruitless. However, two prep sources told that WSU is continuing to wait for Ware to gain academic clearance as well.

For frustrated fans, perhaps it's worth noting: the prep sources said WSU was still waiting, and not that WSU had moved on from Ware or that he wouldn't qualify.

"Every day that goes by the possibility grows he might not make it in but I wouldn't close the door yet. You just have to be patient and ride these things out sometimes. That's just the way it is. It'll happen when it happens," said one of the sources.

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