Poring over Cougs’ Week One depth chart

THE FIRST WASHINGTON STATE depth chart of the season reads mostly like Coug fans thought it would after keeping up with the daily reports from fall camp. But there are still notable, and in a few cases, late-breaking developments, to be found on the Week One chart.

First would be the appearance of Teondray Caldwell’s name as the No. 2 strong safety. Caldwell was just moved there from running back a week ago. That means he’s effectively jumped over Isaac Dotson (kinda), Beau Glover and David Bucannon.

Dotson, listed as the strong safety starter on the pre-fall camp chart, was limited a good portion of camp, so keep your eye on him moving forward. It's also worth noting that Dotson is listed as the backup free safety behind Taylor Taliulu on the new chart.

Meanwhile, Darius Lemora (pictured) is penned in as the starting strong safety. Lemora hits like a truck. But while loading up and making big hits is great, loading up and missing and/or not being assignment perfect is bad. That said, if Lemora plays within the scheme, CougFans could be in for a treat. He’s a forced fumble waiting to happen.

On offense, the only surprise is at running back. Jamal Morrow and Gerard Wicks are Nos. 1 and 2. The conventional wisdom all fall camp long was that the top two would be Theron West and Morrow.

Wicks made a late camp surge and it apparently was enough. SBut don't count West out just yet.

At the H receiver spot, it looked like a tossup between Rickey Galvin and Calvin Green all camp long. Galvin is listed as the No. 1, with Green behind him. That would indicate Green will not redshirt.

Other than Green, the only other true freshman listed in the two deeps on offense or defense is Jeff Farrar, who is the No. 2 boundary corner behind starter Tracy Clark. It’s particularly impressive when you consider Farrar was late getting to WSU and hit the field midway through camp. Charleston White was the pre-fall camp No. 2 at the BCB.

On special teams, Wes Concepcion and Jordan Dascalo are still listed as “OR” at punter. Erik Powell is listed as having won the starting kicker job, with Quentin Breshears the No. 2. Marcellus Pippins is listed as the “OR” at punt returner with River Cracraft.

If you’re keeping track, and we think you are, Green, Farrar, Dascalo and Pippins are the four true freshmen listed in the two-deeps.

  • Paris Taylor is listed as the No. 2 SAM behind Cyrus Coen on the new chart. The pre-fall camp depth chart has listed Mitch Peterson second followed by Taylor.

  • White is the No. 2 field corner behind Daquawn Brown. Pippins occupied the backup spot on the previous depth chart.

  • As reported earlier on CF.C, Riley Sorenson overtook Sam Flor at the center spot this fall camp in a tightly contested battle, and Eduardo Middleton claimed the starting right guard spot over Jacob Seydel in the camp’s latter stages.

  • Like the punt returner position, the kickoff return man was listed as to be determined at the start of fall camp. Kristoff Williams, also the starting Z receiver, is listed as the No. 1 there with Galvin also back on kickoffs.


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