11-on-1 with Cougar LB Darryl Monroe

PULLMAN-So what kind of WSU defense will show up Friday vs. Nevada? A new Cougfan exclusive feature, 11-on-1, will appear regularly throughout the football season. One individual with ties to Washington State football will be asked 11 questions: Some about football, some about themselves, some about off-beat subjects. Today’s guest is Darryl Monroe, a redshirt junior linebacker from Orlando, Fla.

1: Probably the No. 1 question fans want to have answered about last week’s loss to Rutgers: What happened to the defense?

Monroe: I feel they had very unique ways to get to plays we expected them to run … (and we had) a lack of focus and technique.

2. Many fans were extremely critical of defensive coordinator Mike Breske after the Rutgers game. What’s your reaction to that criticism?

Monroe: I think it’s preposterous. He’s a great coach. He’s done a great job. You can’t always, when things go bad, just (rip) the coach, because it’s as much our fault. We were in the perfect call a lot of the times.

3. Connor Halliday, the WSU quarterback, said he wasn’t positive everyone on the team believed they could beat Rutgers. What do you think?

Monroe: You can sometimes get that from the young guys who redshirt or won’t play a lot. But as far as the guys who pretty much play or who have played, they know what we’re capable of. Two big boosts for that was last year. Down at Auburn, we came out of that game with a loss just like this one that we knew we should have won. Then we went down to the (Los Angeles Memorial) Coliseum and beat USC.

4. What NCAA rules would you like to see changed?

Monroe: A disbursement of money to players like myself (to travel home) who are from across the country. … We have some guys here who go a year without seeing their families.

5. How about two roundtrip plane tickets a year for players to go home, plus roundtrip plane tickets for two family members to attend two regular-season games and a bowl game?

Monroe: Absolutely. I definitely agree. That would be great.

6. You’ve talked about pursuing a communications degree after you earn your sociology degree in December. What do you plan to do after your playing days are over?

Monroe: I’d like to go into TV (college sports) media broadcast … maybe (college football) coaching some time down the line.

7. You’re stranded on a deserted island. What celebrity do you want to join you?

Monroe: Someone along the lines of Alicia Keyes or Rihanna. So when I get bored, they can just sing to me all day.

8. Two of the most beautiful singers in the world, and all you want to do with them is listen to them sing?

Monroe: (Laughter.)

9. No more “home” games are planned for Seattle. What did you think about playing over there?

Monroe: I’ve never been a big fan of it. Honestly, to me, it felt like an away game … there’s just nothing like playing in Martin Stadium with your student body and all your friends.

10. Former assistant coach Chris Ball was the lead man on recruiting you to Washington State. How did he convince a big-city kid from sunny Florida to move all the way across the country to a small town in the Palouse that gets snow in the winter?

Monroe: I was pretty much ready to get out of Florida. … When I got up here on my unofficial (recruiting visit), I fell in love with the place.

11. Now the Cougars head to Nevada to play Friday night on ESPN. Do you worry about a “hangover” from the Rutgers game?

Monroe: That game’s over with, but that doesn’t dictate how our season is going to go. We all make mistakes, but what matters is how we recover from it.

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