CF.C Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week Two

WHEN PAC-12 refs are being big meanies and temper tantrums don't sway them, what’s a college football coach and leader of young men to do? If you’re Steve Sarkisian, you get a text to your athletic director and ask him to fight your battles for you. And if you’re Pat Haden, you get caught on camera arguing vociferously with the refs, and then insist afterward you did nothing of the kind.

That was just one of the highlights around the conference over the weekend. But before we get to that, be sure to note that last week’s ranking for each team is in parentheses for comparative purposes.

1. Oregon (1)
Unnamed Duck booster now only promising a manufactured home, low-end scooter and iPad knockoff to top Oregon recruits. On the field, no one will remember that Ducks, and QB Marcus Mariota, looked only just okay until late in third quarter win over No. 6 Michigan State.

2. Southern Cal (2)
Just-released statement from Pat Haden: “At no time, in the second quarter against Stanford, did Sark text me asking for me to hug him while he cried out ‘Mommy.’ Any reports stating that happened, in the second quarter against Stanford, are categorically false. I now consider this matter closed. I am an innocent bystander. No questions please.”

3. Arizona State (5)
Trying to follow Todd Graham’s post-game train of thought is like trying to eat a ribeye with a screwdriver. Sun Devils have flaws, are subject to prolonged lapses and let New Mexico hang around way too long. Those things will cost them eventually, but not this coming week vs. Colorado.

4. Stanford (4)
David Shaw got lost after the USC-Stanford game in the monumental embarrassment that was Steve Sarkisian and Pat Haden. But not to fear, Shaw was able to find himself by following the applause.

5. Arizona (3)
UT-San Antonio is a much better team than many people realize. But a three-point win over the Alamo crowd also isn’t enough to prevent the Wildcats from sliding down a couple notches.

6. Cal (10)
No, they really haven’t played anyone yet but they’ve looked much improved beating their first two opponents after going 1-11 last year. Cal ran 47 times in its Week 2 win over Sacramento State, 45 times the week before in the victory over Northwestern. And they have the nerve to say they employ an Air Raid offense. Blasphemy.

7. UCLA (6)
Jim Mora furious that AD Dan Guerrero has never once come running down from the press box to defend him against Pac-12 officiating bullies. Or against a Memphis club that put 38 points on him over the weekend.

8. Oregon State (7)
Beavers only showed up for the first two quarters against Hawaii. A week ago, they only showed up for the second half against Portland State. Next time out, they’re only going to play focused football during the halftime break.

9. Utah (11)
The Utes, who beat Fresno State over the weekend, have changed the words to their century-old fight song, Utah Man, in order to be more inclusive of women and minorities. Some of the new lyrics: Twelve Utah counties still allow Poe-lig-a-mee, My five wives are happy as can be.

10. Washington (9)
I don’t care what the critics say, Husky co-defensive coordinators Phil Snow and Nick Holt have the top defensive unit in the country this year. Husky fans before the game against Eastern Washington: We are Washington and we will annihilate any FCS school. Post-game: We just beat one of the best FCS schools in the nation at home by the score of 59-52!

11. Colorado (12)
Colorado went into UMass an 18-point favorite and escaped with a 41-38 win. But a win is a win for a program that's won 16 times the last five seasons you’ll have to forgive Colorado coach Mark McIntyre for jumping around Foxborough afterwards like he had a Boston Tea Party going on in his pants.

12. Washington State (8)
WSU officials come up with revised agenda for Cougar Calls with Bill Moos this week: Two minutes on football, 58 minutes on having skin in the game, and women’s soccer. Moos’ cold open: “Remember, football success won’t come overnight, and we are a basketball school. By the way, have you tried our incredible organic tomato gel spheres yet?”

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