Two WSU true freshmen could see first action

MIKE LEACH'S LITMUS test for playing a true freshman is fairly simple - if they're in the two-deeps, they'll play. Two true freshmen who have not played in the first two games of the season are for the first time listed in the two-deeps on this week's just-released depth chart for Portland State.

Patrick Porter is now listed as the No. 2 boundary cornerback behind Daquawn Brown.Tracy Clark was there last week.

Sulaiman Hameed is now listed as the No. 2 strong safety behind Darius Lemora. Teondray Caldwell was there on last week's chart.

Neither Porter nor Hameed is listed in the official gamebook log for the Rutgers or Nevada games.

Meanwhile, Robert Lewis is listed as the No. 1 "Y", with River Cracraft listed as the backup. Cracraft, who was the No. 1 on last week's chart but ended up not playing, continues to be listed and the holder on this week's chart and is the "or" with Rickey Galvin on punt returns.

No other changes from last week to this week's chart are present on the starting offense or defense but Quentin Breshears is now listed as the starting kicker, replacing Erik Powell.

The rest of the two deeps on offense are the same as last week's chart.

On defense, however, there are changes. At the SAM, Paris Taylor is now listed as the No. 2. Last week he was listed as an "or" with Mitch Peterson at the No. 2.

Peyton Pelluer now listed as the No. 2 MIK, with Jeremiah Allison moving over to the No. 2 WIL. Chester Sua was the No. 2 WIL last week.

Erik Powell continues to be listed as the No. 1 kicker but Mike Leach said after the Nevada game

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