Breaking down DaVonte Lacy's NBA chances

COUGAR GUARD DaVonte Lacy is rated the No. 20 NBA draft prospect in the Pac-12, according to, which says the 6-4, 206-pound senior from Tacoma could “hold his own athletically against NBA players” but needs to expand his offensive repertoire to counter defenses that take away his jumper.

“While he isn't overly explosive, he has above average quickness and good speed in the open court,” writes’s Josh Riddell.

He noted that 64 percent of Lacy’s field goal attempts last season — a season in which he averaged 19.3 points per game — were three-pointers.

“He is a dangerous shooter … He moves well without the ball to find openings on the perimeter and has a quick, fluid release on his jump shot,” Riddell says.

Lacy’s ability to shoot off screens before the defender recovers “will be a nice skill for him to have (in pro ball) besides just being able to catch and shoot from a stand-still position,” he adds.

Lacy shows the ability to get to the rim off dribble penetration but rarely goes this route and has the “propensity to hold the ball or over dribble in isolation situations, which stalled the offense," Riddell says. "When he did decide to attack through dribble penetration, he was not looking to pass the ball which allowed defenses to swarm him and put him in tough situations to execute.”

On defense, he says Lacy tends to drift but shows the potential to be a useful NBA player.

“His combination of size and speed makes him an interesting prospect, but he doesn't quite have the length or lateral quickness to match up with bigger NBA players.

“Lacy has some offensive skills an NBA team might be interested in … Showing a more diversified skill set could have NBA teams take a longer look at him, as would demonstrating that his scoring can translate to his team winning more games,” Riddell notes.

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