CF.C Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week Four

WASHINGTON STATE, with just a thing or two going the other way, would have beaten Oregon on Saturday night. So what does that say about the power rankings, where there’s suddenly such a small gap between the Pac-12 teams from top to bottom?

Last week’s rankings in parentheses

1. Oregon (1)
Mark Helfrich complained bitterly about the officiating on Saturday night in the 38-31 win over WSU. Helfrich was furious he didn’t get more non-calls in addition to blatant 1) pass interference 2) targeting and 3) intentional grounding. “God, he makes me proud to be an American,” said a teary-eyed Mike Bellotti.

2. Stanford (2)
David Shaw spent Stanford’s bye week patiently explaining to Europe that in the event of a tie, he was the most qualified deity to cast the deciding vote on the issue of Scotland’s independence.

3. Arizona (5)
As mediocre as Arizona looked for three quarters against Cal, any team that can score 36 points in the fourth quarter to win 49-45 is going to be one potentially scary team to play for the rest of the season.

4. Arizona State (3)
ASU coach Todd Graham spent his bye week watching reruns of The Six Million Dollar Man, looking for outside-the-box ideas on how to heal injured QB Taylor Kelly in time for UCLA. "Oh, I'm not saying I found something but when we play Saturday, I'd tune in," teased Graham.

5. Southern Cal (4)
During his team’s bye week, Steve Sarkisian said the low scholarship numbers haven't affected ‘SC at all. “Correct, we got beat by Boston College because of incompetent coaching, not because we had 60 scholie players to start fall camp,” A.D. Pat Haden concurred via text. As injuries mount, starters wear down without rotational depth to spell them, USC loses games and he feels the heat, Sarkisian will suddenly do a 180 and start pointing to the scholie numbers.

6. Utah (10)
Utah fans of the Mormon faith, after shellacking a lousy Michigan club, have pledged to forego the 10 percent of their monthly tithing normally given to the church. Their glory funds will now go to a bold "Wilson for Heisman" campaign that will be seen by nobody west of Twin Falls but will tick off everyone in Provo. Ute Fans 1, Angel of Moroni 0.

7. UCLA (6)

Jim Mora got into some trouble during his bye week. Told by the LA media the Atlanta Falcons are 0-3 this season, Mora said; “If that job ever opens up, I am soooo there.” Later informed Atlanta is 2-1 and the media was just having fun with him, Mora then refused to tell reporters whether injured QB Brett Hundley will play vs. ASU, even though Hundley was practicing last week during the bye. Mora 1, The World 0.

8. Oregon State (9)
Oregon State is the hardest team in the Pac-12 to figure out after moving to 3-0 with a win over scrappy but mistake-prone San Diego State. Either OSU puts it all together starting with USC this Saturday, or they begin a confounding losing streak.

9. Washington (8)
The Huskies’ lifeless first half against Georgia State set the game of football back 25 years. "We would have thrashed that UW team on Saturday," said the 2008 Huskies. GSU outgained UW in their own house 231-73 in total offense in the first half before UW was able to turn a 14-0 halftime deficit into a 45-14 win. Some UW fans wondering if UW will win again before Dawgs play Colorado on Nov. 1, with Stanford, Cal, Oregon, ASU on tap next. Other UW fans making their travel plans for the 4-team playoff.

10. Washington State (11)
Cougs hang tough with Ducks until the bitter end but a loss is still a loss. The only thing brighter than the Ducks’ unis was the missed pass interference call. But Bill Moos refused to let it get him down late Saturday night, immediately scheduling a Organic Tomato Gel Spheres satellite event in Spokane. “We need a little more skin in the game,” said Moos.

11. Cal (6)
@CalBearsshop tweeted before the end of the Cal-Arizona game that Dewey had indeed defeated Truman and Cal hats were now on sale. They later tweeted: Sorry everyone, we just got a little bit too excited. Our mistake is your win. The hat sale is still on. "See? Problem solved,” said Cal Athletic Director H. Michael Williams after Cal gave up 36 fourth-quarter points.

12. Colorado (11)
Colorado (2-2) topped Hawaii 21-12 in a game that started at 11 a.m. PT (8 a.m. for Hawaii players local time.) Mike MacIntyre, flying high in his post-game interview, talked up his Buff’s chances for the rest of the season, including next week against Cal. @CalBearsshop tweeted Monday that all Cal hats will be 75 percent off after the win, so they’ll only run you $119.95 each.

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