How they scored: WSU vs. Stanford

THE COUGARS played from behind the entire night against Stanford, the result of a relentless Cardinal pass rush. Connor Halliday was left hobbling after four sacks but it was the pressure on countless other occasions that did the real damage, figuratively and literally, in the 34-17 loss. WSU running backs carried the ball only four times through three quarters and six times in the game.

First Quarter

  3-0 Stanford at 11:47 mark: Jordan Williamson 22-yard field goal.
Key play: Two incomplete passes in the end zone to Devon Cajuste forced a promising Stanford drive to stall and only deliver three points.
Drive length: 7 plays, 59 yards; Drive Time: 3:13

  10-0 STANFORD at 9:30 mark: 39-yard touchdown pass by Kevin Hogan to Eric Cotton. (Williamson kick)
Key play: A 24-yard run by Christian McCaffrey put the Cardinal into WSU territory, which set up the long pass by Hogan.
Drive length: 3 plays, 69 yards; Drive Time: 1:09

10-7 STANFORD at 4:35 mark: 9-yard touchdown pass by Connor Halliday to Vince Mayle. (Breshears kick)
Key play: The Cougars converted twice on fourth down on this drive to set up a 41-yard pass to Vince Mayle. Once in Stanford territory, the Cougars needed just a couple of plays before they punched it into the end zone.
Drive length: 11 plays, 75 yards; Drive Time: 4:55

Second Quarter

17-7 STANFORD at 11:08 mark: 3-yard touchdown pass by Kevin Hogan to Greg Taboada. (Williamson kick)
Key play: WSU punted from its own 12-yard line, and Ty Montgomery returned the 50-yard boot 46 yards to put the Cardinal in the red zone. Drive length: 4 plays, 16 yards; Drive Time: 1:52

Third Quarter

17-10 STANFORD at 7:51 mark: Quentin Breshears 46-yard field goal.
Key play: Connor Halliday was sacked for a 20-yard loss and called for intentional grounding on second down and 10. The Cougars were in the red zone before Halliday was pressured and sacked.
Drive length: 14 plays, 42 yards; Drive Time: 4:45

at 3:07 mark: 4-yard touchdown pass by Kevin Hogan to Greg Taboada. (Williamson kick)
Key play: Hogan completed a 13-yard pass over the middle to Jeff Trojan that put the Cardinal at the WSU 4-yard line. They used a play-action play out of the jumbo package to score the touchdown immediately after that. Drive length: 9 plays, 56 yards; Drive time: 4:44

Fourth Quarter

at 13:02 mark: 3-yard touchdown pass by Connor Halliday to River Cracraft. (Breshears kick)
Key play: Jamal Morrow ran for the first down on a 3rd and 2 situation inside the Stanford 10-yard line to extend the drive. Drive length: 16 plays, 75 yards; Drive time: 5:05

at 8:13 mark: Jordan Williamson 34-yard field goal
Key play: A roughing-the-passer penalty on Daniel Ekuale moved the Cardinal into the red zone. From there, Stanford could only manage to move three yards closer before attempting the field goal. Drive length: 11 plays, 50 yards; Drive time: 4:41

at 1:38 mark: 6-yard touchdown run by Remound Wright. (Williamson kick)
Key play: As Stanford attempted to run out the clock, Wright ran for a 28-yard gain to put the Cardinal within striking distance. Drive length: 4 plays, 44 yards; Drive time: 0:26

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