Comparing WSU, Pac-12 statistics

WASHINGTON STATE in the scoring offense statistical category is averaging 35.0 ppg this season. That places them in the top 35 nationally – but only in a tie for sixth in the Pac-12. Still, it’s instructive to see how WSU fared in that statistical category and others a year ago, as compared to their Pac-12 brethren.

Scoring Offense: WSU is t-6 at 35.0 points per game (UCLA.) Oregon leads at 43.3, Stanford is last at 26.3.
2013: WSU finished last season ranked eighth at 31.0.

Total Offense: Washington State ranks third with 534.7 ypg. Arizona leads with 557.0, UW is last with 372.5.
2013: WSU finished eighth with 421.4 ypg.

Scoring Defense: WSU ranks 10th at 35.0 ppg. Stanford leads at 10.0, Cal is last at 38.8.
2013: WSU finished 10th at 32.5 ppg.

Total Defense: WSU ranks 9th in total defense, with 443.7 ypg. Stanford leads at 238.0, Cal is last at 518.0.
2013: WSU finished 10th in scoring defense last year at 458.0.

Rushing Defense: WSU ranks eighth, at 163.0 ypg. Stanford leads with 99.8 ypg, ASU is last at 207.2.
2013: WSU finished ninth at 187.2.

Rushing Offense: WSU ranks last at 44.7 ypg. Oregon is first at 217.2.
2013: WSU finished last at 53.4 ypg.

Passing Offense: Washington State leads with 490.0 ypg. Cal is a distant second at 382.5. UW is last at 181.0.
2013: WSU ranked second at 368.0.

Pass Defense: Washington State ranks 10th at 280.7 ypg. Stanford leads at 138.2. Cal is last at 402.0.
2013: WSU finished 11th at 270.8.

Pass Efficiency: Washington State ranks fifth at 150.4. First is Oregon at 194.7, last is Oregon State at 128.1.
2013: WSU finished 10th at 124.7.
Noteworthy: Mike Leach believes the NCAA has it wrong when it comes to pass efficiency. "It's a flawed stat and I don't know how many people look at it," Leach said last year. "The NFL uses a different system." (For anyone interested in college football's pass efficiency statistic and computation, and a comparison to the NFL's formula, CLICK HERE.)

Pass Defense Efficiency: Washington State ranks last at 147.6 (No. 11 Arizona is 147.4). First is Stanford at 95.9.
2013: WSU finished 11th at 136.5.

Red Zone Offense Scoring: Washington State ranks 10th at 81.6 percent. Still, they’ve made more red zone trips than anyone else in the Pac-12 with 38, and have scored more TDs than anyone else with 25. First is UCLA at 100 percent on 19 total red zone trips, last is Stanford at 67.9 percent at 19-28.
2013: WSU finished 10th at 78.4 percent. They were eighth in number of times in the red zone and seventh in total number of TDs.

Red Zone Defense: Washington State is fifth at 78.6 percent. First is USC at 68.2, last is Colorado at 96.3.
2013: WSU was third in red zone defense at 80.4 percent.

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