Time for Cougs to make a run, Morrow says

PULLMAN— Woulda, shoulda, coulda gets you nowhere -- so says Jamal Morrow. The Cougar running back also said youth is not an excuse and Washington State coming out of the bye week is preparing to make a run over the remaining five games on the regular season schedule.

“It’s rough when you look back and you say we should’ve and could’ve won this, should’ve done this, but we only can look forward now. We can’t look back on what we could’ve had, so we’re just excited for the future,” Morrow said.

As one of the young Cougs playing for the first time this year, Morrow has emerged as one of two primary running backs along with Gerard Wicks. Yet, the youth, Morrow says, should not be used as an excuse for the Cougs' 2-5 mark.

“I feel like the coaches put trust in me to make plays and so that can’t be an excuse,” Morrow said. “I’m on the field because they think I’m able to produce something and so I feel like I have to be able to produce and help this team win.”

Morrow said it is frustrating to come so close to winning and then lose. He added that he hopes to do what senior Marcus Mason has done for him, saying Mason has done a great job of giving Morrow and Wicks advice and motivation when they have struggled this season, Morrow said.

Morrow also alluded to the Cougars making a bowl game this season. He said the Cougs plan on making a run for the next “five or six games." He stressed that the Cougars need to take each game one at a time and make the routine plays to start the winning streak on Saturday against Arizona.

Offensive lineman Cole Madison echoed Morrow on a couple points. Both players said the bye week came at a great time, allowing the Cougars to heal and regroup. Madison also said the Cougars cannot leave plays on the field, which relates to how Morrow put it when he said the Cougars are just a few plays away from perhaps being undefeated.

“If all of us make one more play, we’ll be fine and win these games,” Morrow said of the upcoming five-game stretch.

Defensive lineman Destiny Vaeao moved from end to the nose tackle spot throughout the bye week and was there again for Sunday's practice. It's unknown whether starting NT Toni Pole will be back in the lineup for Saturday. WSU does not comment on absences or injuries. Vaeao said with Pole “down" it's important for him to step up.

When asked whether Vaeao will start against Arizona, Mike Leach replied Vaeao can start at multiple positions and that they're looking forward to seeing him move around to different spots on the field.

A player who might have an increased role this practice week is center Sam Flor, who competed with Riley Sorenson for the starting job throughout fall camp. Sorenson has been the starting center all season, but Flor has been taking the majority of the reps at center lately with Sorenson limited.

Leach said there shouldn’t be a problem if the Cougars make a switch at center simply because Flor has been making calls at the line since fall camp began. Madison said communication with Flor at the line has been great and that the flow in practice has been just as good, if not better. That will be important, Madison said, as the offensive line has really started to click and play on the same page as the season has progressed.

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