How they scored: Cougs vs. Wildcats

SOMETIMES STATISTICS ARE deceptive. The Cougars outgained No. 15 Arizona (543-451), had more first downs (33-25) and a significant time-of-possession advantage (34:24-25:36). Senior quarterback Connor Halliday completed 56 of 79 passes for 489 yards and four touchdowns. But the only number that mattered was brightly displayed on Martin Stadium's scoreboard: Arizona 59, Washington State 37.

First Quarter

ARIZ 7-0 at 13:54 mark: Davonte’ Neal 81-yard punt return (Casey Skowron kick)

ARIZ 10-0 at 8:28 mark: Skowron 31 FG
Key play: On third-and-13 at WSU’s 30-yard line, Daquawn Brown was called for pass interference on a throw to the end zone intended for Cayleb Jones.
Drive length: 13 plays, 84 yards; Drive Time: 3:58

ARIZ 17-0 at 3:55 mark: Neal 2-yard pass from Anu Solomon (Skowron kick)
Key play: On third-and-2 at its own 46, Solomon threw to running back Nick Wilson for a 4-yard completion.?
Drive length: 10 plays, 80 yards; Drive Time: 2:42

ARIZ 24-0 at 1:11 mark: Nate Phillips 21-yard pass from Anu Solomon (Skowron kick)
Key play: On third-and-1 at WSU’s 25, Solomon scrambled for 4 yards.
Drive length: 5 plays, 34 yards; Drive Time: 1:10

Second Quarter

ARIZ 31-0 at 8:56 mark: Jones 3-yard pass from Solomon (Skowron kick)
Key play: On third-and-8 at WSU’s 35, Solomon passed to Jones for a 13-yard completion.
Drive length: 12 plays, 68 yards; Drive Time: 3:58

ARIZ 31-7 at 6:36 mark: Isiah Myers 37-yard pass from Connor Halliday (Quentin Breshears kick)
Key play: Jamal Morrow gained 3 yards on third-and-1 at Arizona’s 35.
Drive length: 7 plays, 60 yards; Drive Time: 2:20

ARIZ 31-13 at 1:51 mark: Myers 18-yard pass from Connor Halliday (kick failed)
Key play: During the play before the touchdown, Halliday and Myers connected for a 17-yard completion.
Drive length: 9 plays, 90 yards; Drive Time: 3:16

ARIZ 31-16 at 0:19 mark: Breshears 40 FG
Key play: Cyrus Coen recovered a Jared Baker fumble on the kickoff at Arizona’s 17.
Drive length: 4 plays, -6 yards; Drive Time: 1:32

Third Quarter

ARIZ 38-16 at 13:37 mark: Nick Wilson 2-yard run (Skowron kick)
Key play: On third-and-10 from his own 39, Solomon found Samajie Grant for a 41-yard completion.
Drive length: 6 plays, 61 yards; Drive Time: 1:23

ARIZ 45-16 at 10:12 mark: Austin Hill 14-yard pass from Solomon (Skowron kick)
Key plays: Terris Jones-Grigsby opened the drive with 13- and 38-yard runs to the Cougars’ 26.
Drive length: 7 plays, 77 yards; Drive Time: 2:06

ARIZ 52-16 at 1:06 mark: Trey Griffey 13-yard pass from Solomon (Skowron kick)
Drive length: 6 plays, 54 yards; Drive Time: 2:14

Fourth Quarter

ARIZ 52-23 at 11:26 mark: Gerard Wicks 1-yard run (Breshears kick)
Key play: On fourth-and-1 at Arizona’s 42, Wicks gained 2 yards.
Drive length: 12 plays, 75 yards; Drive Time: 4:40

ARIZ 52-30 at 6:15 mark: Vince Mayle 8-yard pass from Halliday (Breshears kick)
Key play: Halliday connected with Dom Williams for a 14-yard completion on third-and-8 from the Cougars’ 35.
Drive length: 11 plays, 80 yards; Drive Time: 2:58

ARIZ 59-30 at 6:09 mark: Jones 39-yard onside kickoff return (Skowron kick)
Drive length: 0 plays, 0 yards; Drive Time: 0:06

ARIZ 59-37 at 0:16 mark: Tyler Baker 8-yard pass from Halliday (Breshears kick)
Key play: Mayle caught a 13-yard pass on third-and-1 from his own 44.
Drive length: 7 plays, 65 yards; Drive Time: 1:39

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