Clay McGuire, word association & WSU's OL

PULLMAN -- Washington State offensive line coach Clay McGuire is nothing if not a man of action. asked him to play a quick round of word association today and he didn't hesitate for a moment.

McGuire has a good sense of humor and he didn't need to warm up. When asked by CF.C to do a little word association on his primary starters on the offensive line, he had his foot on the gas at the outset.

CF.C: Gunnar Eklund.

McGuire: Redneck.

CF.C: Eduardo Middleton.

McGuire: Quiet.

CF.C: Joe Dahl.

McGuire: Quiet.

CF.C: Riley Sorenson.

Video games.

CF.C: Sam Flor.

McGuire: Confident.

CF.C: Cole Madison.

McGuire: Americana.

That last one required more of an explanation.

"This," said McGuire, "is about as American a tattoo as you can get: (Madison) has got a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe with a Statue of Liberty crown holding a smoking shotgun -- with an American flag kinda in the background.

"It doesn't get much more Americana than that. I mean, maybe if she was eating a piece of apple pie or something like that, maybe she'd be a little more American, but I don't know."

There was no immediate word on if Madison (pictured above) planned to book some ink time to correct the oversight.

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