COUGFAN TV: Kristoff's football career over

PULLMAN -- Mike Leach after practice talked about the Tuesday session, upcoming Saturday opponent Southern Cal, Trojan coach Steve Sarkisian and more. But the very last thing he said turned out to be the headline: Kristoff Williams is no longer on the WSU roster.

WSU doesn't release injury news so it's unknown if Williams is retiring from football for medical reasons. He had not played since Week Two against Nevada. His name was absent on the depth chart released Tuesday for the first time this season.

The redshirt-senior, as Dennis Simmons told CF.C before fall camp, is pointed towards a legal career after football.

Kristoff Williams was listed as the backup Z last week, Dom Williams is now listed there this week. Dom Williams is also the No. 2 behind starter Vince Mayle on the chart at the X. Isiah Myers is listed as the starting Z.

Kristoff Williams career numbers at WSU: 84 receptions for 852 yards and six touchdowns. He appeared in 35 games.

Here's what Simmons told CF.C about a month before fall camp kicked off:
"The thing that I've shared with Kristoff – his passion is to one day be an attorney, which I am so excited for him. Kristoff… has done all the right things, he's done what you send you child to college to do… And my goal is for him to leave his mark on Washington State. Because from a physical standpoint, he can be the best receiver that has every walked through the door here. He is physically gifted. Runs fast, athletic, all those little intangibles. Now he's just got to put it together and really, just showcase his talent in a game like he does in practice when he doesn't feel like anyone is watching. If he can transfer some of those things from practice in a game, the sky's the limit."

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