Heisman's got nothin' on WSU QB belt

PULLMAN–If you were to walk around the football offices at Washington State, it wouldn’t be long before you heard offensive assistant Graham Harrell waxing poetic about a competition he took part in: racquetball, golf - anything. Harrell, it is clear, loves to compete and detests anything other than first place. That competitive spirit extends to WSU's QB belt, as Twitter makes abundantly clear.

Graham Harrell has tweeted about it a few times but didn’t want to be interviewed about the QB belt, preferring instead to stay in the background. But the belt apparently holds no such reservations - it has its own Twitter page: @WSU_TheBelt.

The hardware is modestly described on the page; "The greatest award in college athletics."

From what CF.C was able to piece together, some form of the competition was in existence under Mike Leach and it appears Harrell, a big wrestling fan, added the belt to the mix.

Harrell got the belt at a WWE wrestling event when Harrell was with the Packers. He and several teammates were featured on a Friday Night Smackdown event in Wisconsin and each Packer got a belt.

On Thursdays during the practice week at Washington State, before Thursday Night Football, a skills competition takes place between the two young quarterbacks on the WSU roster: Peyton Bender and Luke Falk (pictured above.)

The competition itself might change week to week, maybe one time it’s throwing ball into a garbage can from 25 yards away and placed tight up against the sideline. The next Thursday, it could be something completely different.

Harrell’s first tweet on Oct. 9 showed Peyton Bender winning the belt, and noted Bender had a winning streak going on. Connor Ennis won the belt the first time it was awarded.

Yesterday’s tweet showed Luke Falk won the belt: @WSU_TheBelt @lukefalk4 @Pbender4 @Conezzy_12 @c_halliday12 The streak is broken #newdynasty

Peyton Bender during his winning streak (with offensive assistant Gordy Anderson)

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