Cougs' Connor Halliday talks future, past

PULLMAN— Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday (pictured above) expects to begin running in three months, and in about 4 1/2 to 5 months, the prolific passer hopes to be fully recovered. Halliday has been told the broken tibia and fibula he suffered against USC will not affect his draft chances, but he acknowledged Thursday that such a matter is out of his control.

The only thing Halliday said he could control is how hard he works in order to realize the dream he has had since he was young. Halliday said he plans to participate in WSU's pro day to the extent he is able, which he speculated will occur in late March.

“Nothing in my career since I was a little kid has come easy, so I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Halliday said. “It doesn’t surprise me at all, and there’s nothing I can do about it now but work my butt off to get healthy and watch as much film as possible - and be the best leader I can be from afar, and get ready to hopefully have a career at the next level.”

As it was happening, Halliday said he knew he would break his leg as he fell to the ground. He had been tackled in the same way many times in his career, so he knew the process of the brain sending the signal to the foot to move -- so that the leg could come free. This time, that foot was stuck underneath O-lineman Sam Flor. as he was being tackled by an ASU defensive lineman. Halliday said he heard the snap and at that moment, thought about how he only needed to stay healthy for three more games to finish his college career.

Halliday ended that college career with WSU single-season and career records for passing yards, passing touchdowns, attempts and completions. When he was suiting up, he spoke about how the only stat he valued was wins. Today, he acknowledged what so many of the media talking heads said this season: When he was on, he was as good as anyone in the game.

“When I was playing well, there weren’t too many people that could hang with me. I don’t know too much other than that. I think it shows that I was an explosive quarterback, we were an explosive offense and when we got rolling, there wasn’t too much other people could do to stop it.”

HALLIDAY SAID he hopes Luke Falk will break all of his records during his career with Washington State, and that he has mainly spent his down time being a cheerleader for the new Cougar quarterback.

“For the two years that Luke and I have been together, that’s been all the learning and teaching process. He’s so far ahead of a guy his age should be,” Halliday said. “There’s not much that I need to tell him other than ‘Go out there and be confident, and play your game. Don’t let anything affect you.’ It’s awesome to see a guy like that who you’ve had a good relationship with, and feel like you’ve helped along the way, and see him playing so well.”

Looking back on his career at Washington State, Halliday could not pinpoint a particular memory he would cherish most.

“It’s hard to say right now because my outlook on it probably isn’t as positive as it should be," Halliday said. "But I’d like to think that all my work and everything I put into it started the stepping stones for progress in the program and success in the program, and everything I’ve done in a leadership role has helped show Luke how to do it the right way.

"Hopefully his career takes off, and he breaks all my records and they start going to bowl games and everything that I wish I could have done.”

Halliday said he has a meeting with his doctor on Nov. 29 before the Apple Cup to decide how much longer he will be on crutches and to figure out a plan for recovery from there. Halliday said he will be present for the Apple Cup, and he will come out with his family for Senior Day.

  • Halliday gave a shout out to everyone who has sent him kind words during his recovery process. “It means the world to me that people take time out of their day to say a couple kind words to me or write a letter or whatever it may be. I can’t say thanks enough and I think it shows what a close-knit family we are out here in Pullman -- Cougs having each other’s back, and how strong Coug Nation really is.”

  • Halliday, who has talked in the past about becoming a head golf professional, said he would enjoy having such a role in high school football. But he said he wouldn’t do as well with recruiting and being on the road as much as is required.

  • Halliday’s WSU single-season records by category

    Attempts: 714
    Completions: 449
    Passing yards: 4,597
    Passing touchdowns: 34 (tied with Ryan Leaf)

  • Halliday’s WSU career records by category

    Attempts: 1,634
    Completions: 1,014
    Passing yards: 11,308
    Passing touchdowns: 90

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