VIDEO: Mike Leach lights the room on fire

MIKE LEACH WAS none too pleased with a media question post-game after the Cougs surrendered five turnovers and 35 points off those giveaways in a 52-31 loss to ASU. The query was regarding Luke Falk’s four interceptions. Q: Were those kind of uncharacteristic of him, did he maybe had a little too much confidence in his arm or something? Leach: Did you see the game?

Leach indicated only two of the four interceptions were on Luke Falk, both in the video interview below and in his post-game talk on the Cougar radio show.

In the radio-only interview, Leach said ASU never stopped the Cougar offense all day -- the Cougs stopped themselves.

Meanwhile, Leach both praised and criticized the defensive effort.

He noted the numerous three-and-outs forced by the Wazzu stop corps and that ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly hasn’t been hit all season long as much as the Cougs hit him Saturday. He said in the radio-only interview the defense “played great” in situations -- other than those following WSU turnovers.

And he was downright apoplectic at how ASU scored after every Wazzu turnover regardless of starting field position.

“We can do it. There’s no question we can do it… We have a bunch of three-and-outs. We have a bunch of sacks. And then all of a sudden if the ball’s turned over and it’s on the 30-yard line, we’ll let them march right down! Then, we’re just token resistance. How can we be so formidable down after down after down, and then if we turn it over.. they just walk downfield,” fumed Leach.

(Three of the ASU possessions following turnovers started in WSU territory -- on the Cougs’ 13-, 18- and 38-yard lines, while two others began in ASU territory, on their own 30- and 38-yard lines.)

“And then offensively, well, we can’t turn it over. We’ve got to give him (Falk) time and not let him get hit, and if the ball hits us in the hands we’ve got to catch it, and he’s got to make better decisions. And he does it every damned practice. He’s got to make better decisions. You can’t turn the ball over five times and win,” said Leach.

Leach was just getting started.

“If there’s not a turnover, defensively we’ll play real tough. If there is a turnover, they’ll give up the ghost… That’s crazy!” said Leach.

And he didn’t wait for the full question on the inability of the Cougar defense to generate takeaways this season.

“That’s a huge problem. That’s a huge problem… and Arizona State was trying to give us the ball several times,” said Leach.

Later in the post-game presser, he returned to the defense.

"We went from a pretty good job of attacking them... but if there was a turnover, we just give up!" said Leach. "We just give up! And it doesn't even look like the same defense and it can be one series to the next... Stop 'em! Offensively? Well, we turned the ball over. Well, we can't sit there and feel sorry for ourselves the next drive... There's got to be a pride in competing each individual play."


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