WSU's Harrell, Jackson on recruiting trail

WSU FOOTBALL STAFF MEMBERS Graham Harrell (pictured above) and Jarrail Jackson have been out on the road recruiting for Washington State, the WSU SID office confirmed to So does that mean they have been elevated to assistant coaches?

After all, only the full-fledged nine assistant coaches are allowed to go out on the road and recruit. Harrell's WSU title this past season was offensive analyst, Jackson's was Director of Player of Development.

But as with just about everything when it comes to the NCAA rulebook, there are exceptions.

Because the Cougs have less than the full complement of assistant coaches, they are allowed to temporarily designate other staff members (*such as Harrell and Jackson) to perform the roles and duties of an assistant coach and that includes recruiting, WSU SID Bill Stevens told

*Both Harrell and Jackson had already passed the NCAA certification test (recruiting) at the beginning of the year, a requirement before one can assume the duties of an assistant coach.

By the way, both would be dynamic recruiters in my view. Jackson also has extensive recruiting ties as noted in several previous CF.C articles.

CF.C in an article a few days ago (link at the bottom) also talked about the seemingly endless combinations that could take place with the defensive coordinator hire -- including a move to the 4-3 and/or spreading the special teams job among the assistants.

That could result in one or even two assistant coach position differences from 2013.

With no BUCKs or special teams coach, the possibility of hiring Harrell as a full-fledged offensive assistant coach seems to be one that makes sense.

But that's not been the case for Harrell, at least not yet, nor for Jackson.

"You can (temporarily) assign that role, Graham is recruiting but it doesn’t mean he is a new (permanent) assistant coach," said Stevens.

Interim special teams coach Eric Mele has been out on the road recruiting, (he was at Steilacoom High this past Wednesday, presumably seeing about Feto Leiato).

Mike Breske (DC/DBs), Paul Volero (BUCKs) and Eric Russell (special teams) have all been let go in the past two months. Mele assumed the special teams role midway through this past season.

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