WSU facilities, family feel make impact on LB

HEADING INTO HIS official visit to Washington State, 6-2, 240-pound outside linebacker prospect Gabe Reid out of Utah says he didn't know what to expect when it came to the Cougar program and college town atmosphere. Post-trip, the three-star prospect said his expectations were surpassed and the facilities at Washington State are the best he's ever seen.

Gabe Reid holds offers from WSU, Stanford, Washington, Utah, Arizona, ASU, Oregon State, BYU and several others. He posted 99 tackles with 17 sacks this past season at Timpview High in Provo.

CF.C: Coming out of the visit, will the college-town feel of Pullman be a factor in your decision?
Reid (pictured above): “One of the things that really impressed me is just the feeling of the family atmosphere. I thought it was going to be weird, but it was more of a comfortable setting. Everybody is so friendly and so nice, and it seems like everybody is willing to help each other. The town is surrounded by Washington State, so I really like that. After the trip, I don’t think that’s a huge factor for me.”

CF.C: How did the facilities compare to the other schools you have visited?
Reid: “I think they’re probably the nicest facilities I’ve ever seen. They’re really just top notch. Everything’s really nice.”

CF.C: How important are top notch facilities to you making a decision on a school?
Reid: “I think that plays a big part for me. I wouldn’t say that’s the deciding factor, but I think that means a lot just to know that we’ll have the best equipment and the latest in equipment to work with and train with.”

CF.C: What will be the deciding factor for you when you choose a school?
Reid: “I don’t know if I have one deciding factor. I think there’s a bunch of things that come into play for me. A big part is my family, and also somewhere that has good education.”

CF.C: What impressed you the most about Washington State when you were there?
Reid: “Aside from the facilities, one of the biggest things that impressed me was just the feeling of the community and the school itself. It really had a family atmosphere, like everybody is there and they’re all just like a family. Even people that live there, walking around and going to campus, people would come up to us and say hi to us. Everyone was really friendly.”

CF.C: Being from Provo, how important is it to your family to go to a place like BYU or Utah?
Reid: “My parents have raised me a certain way, and I think throughout the recruiting process, we’ve been able to decide that wherever I go, it’s going to be up to me. College is college, whether I go to BYU or Utah, it just comes down to me, so my parents are open to me going anywhere.”

CF.C: What would you say your top three schools that you’re considering are right now?
Reid: “That’s a hard question. I wouldn’t say I have a top three at this point.”

CF.C: Rating from high, medium, or low, where is your interest in Washington State?
Reid: “I would say I have a medium interest in Washington State. I really honestly didn’t know a lot about Washington State before I got offered, and I kind of started to get more interested in them. This trip was really good for me.”

CF.C: How important is early playing time to you?
Reid: “I think that’s definitely important to me. That’s another intriguing thing about Washington State is the coaches have told me if I come in, to be ready to play. I think that’s huge to get that kind of experience. They’re in the Pac-12, and as soon as I get here to be able to get that kind of experience and playing time, I think that’s big.”

CF.C: Who is the primary coach you’ve been talking with?
Reid: “It’s been Coach Joe Salave’a. He and my dad actually grew up together so he’s the one that’s been talking to me.”

CF.C: What are your thoughts on him?
Reid: “He’s awesome, man. He really takes care of Polynesian boys, and that’s another big thing for me, just knowing that I’ll have him there, and he’s a really cool dude. He’s been really good to me.”

CF.C: WSU doesn’t have a defensive coordinator right now -- does that play any sort of role in your decision?
Reid: “I think it does, just because there’s uncertainty, but I really like Coach Joe. Coach (Ken) Wilson is really cool too, and with Joe being assistant head coach, and they said they’re looking for a coach who is going to come in and not change anything but someone who has the same kind of mentality as far as the defense goes, so that’s something that is there, but not worried too much about (that).”

CF.C: What is the timetable for your decision?
Reid: “I’m taking the rest of my officials in January, so I want to go all my trips and be able to get on all the campuses, and experience that. I probably won’t make a decision until signing day.”

CF.C: What in-home visits do you have scheduled?
Reid: “This week, on Monday I have BYU coming in. Tuesday I’ve got Utah, and Wednesday, Stanford’s coming in. I think Coach Joe said he’s going to come try to see me in January.”

CF.C: Where does Stanford stand in your ranking of schools?
Reid: “Stanford’s an awesome school. I like them a lot. I haven’t really made a list of my top schools, but Stanford’s definitely up there. They have a really great football team, and education school all around.”

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