What’s left in WSU recruiting? Quite a lot...

WITH 24 KNOWN verbal commits and no more oversigning, what’s left in Cougar recruiting between now and Signing Day on Feb. 4? One whole heck of a lot, actually. Washington State isn’t going to take a breather once the list hits the maximum 25 signees allowable – truth be told they’re already there.

Deion Singleton, who has signed a financial aid agreement with Washington State and is expected to arrive in January, will count as one of the 25 initially to be put on scholarship.

There is no more oversigning -- that rules change took effect in 2013, two classes ago. You can still count a mid-year enrollee back towards the previous class provided you took less than 25 in that previous class. But WSU had 25 initials last year, so Singleton will count towards this class.

By the way, make no mistake -- WSU went into this with their eyes wide open last February when it came to Singleton. The logical inference: it’s a clear gauge of just how much WSU thinks of Singleton’s potential and his ability to help in the defensive secondary. In other words, it was worth the cost in WSU's eyes even if it turned out he wouldn't join them until January 2015.

Back to the matter at hand -- if the Cougs are at 25 right now, what if some star prospect Washington State still has high on their board makes the call he wants to go crimson too?

If a DT like Tim Settle (pictured above), a cornerback like Austin Joyner, a cornerback like Marcus Lewis – and/or a handful of others at the top of the WSU big board – decides he wants to come join Mike Leach, the Cougs will make room.

That could be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as: others could delay their enrollment, perhaps some might not ultimately qualify before the start of fall camp (although this appears a very solid class academically) or if there's more flipping to come.

The last few years have seen a good amount of decommit/commit activity over the final 2-3 weeks before Signing Day – sometimes even accompanied by an assistant coach bolting and bringing his area/positional recruits along with him to the new school.

When the in-home period opens back up Jan. 15 – 31, you can expect other schools’ coaches trying very hard to get into the living rooms of Cougar verbal commits and doing their damndest to get them to flip. You can also expect Mike Leach and the WSU assistants to be working just as hard to hold onto the ones they’ve got, and to try and land a few additional key pieces of their own.

By the way, the Portland Tribune on Thursday in an interview with new OSU coach Gary Andersen touched on three former Beav verbals who have flipped to Washington State - 4-star safety Shalom Luani, 3-star corner Treshon Broughton and 3-star DL Hunter Mattox. Without naming the student-athletes, Andersen told the paper he won't give up on the former Beav verbals who have now pledged elsewhere.

"We need to get into those homes," Andersen told the paper. "We need to see them eye to eye and face to face. They need to hear from the coordinator. We need to get them with the position coach.”

The good news for Cougar fans is that Luani isn’t going anywhere, the mid-year JUCO transfer signed his Letter of Intent to Washington State on Wednesday. So did 4-star DE Jeremiah Mitchell.

Mattox, meanwhile, told Cougfan.com this week he’s only flipping his verbal once, he’s not doing it again. Broughton is one you can expect Andersen to also make a run at, along with Mattox.

What's left in WSU recruiting?!

As we approach the final six-plus weeks before Signing Day, you can liken it to a late spring afternoon in Augusta, Georgia. For those unfamiliar with the Masters tournament held in Augusta, it's the most watched golf event of the year: a four-day, 72-hole major championship. But as has been said repeatedly going back decades, the Masters doesn't truly begin until the back nine on Sunday.

Clemson transfer Kyrin Priester will also count as one of the Cougs' 25 initials this year. Priester is listed on the CF.C commit list, Singleton is not because he was on the 2014 commit list. Scout.com policy is to list a commit only once and not have him count two years in the rankings, regardless of if that means different schools (Clemson/WSU on Priester) or if it's the same school (WSU/WSU on Singleton.)

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