A guide to a better experience on CF.C

THE NEW CF.C FORUMS offer a host of new features and tools. But what if you still just want things the way they were? Or, what if you’re experiencing some glitches on either the forums or in other areas? Or what if, after all the great CF.C recruiting content that’s been flying off the presses, you’re trying to subscribe but getting a *&@! error message? We’re here to help ...

1. If you’re having any trouble on the CF.C forums or on the site (such as you’re logged in, have a current subscription but it keeps taking you to the signup page) what will generally cure those glitches is to clear the cache and cookies in your browser - especially if they haven't been cleared in a while. There's likely a confused cookie in there mucking up the works. If you need instructions on how to do that, TRY HERE.

2. If you're trying to securely sign up for a new CF.C subscription or restart an old one, you should be able to do so easily online. Some users, however, might get an error code depending on configuration or other factors before the process is completed. Frustrating.

If you are experiencing difficulty in trying to sign up online for a Cougfan.com 7-day free trial subscription, please call this toll free number -- 888.501.5752 from 8 AM - 5:30 PM CST Mon-Fri, and Scout.com will get you taken care of promptly over the phone. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

And if you're trying to gift a subscription to someone this Christmas, the best way to do that is to call the toll free number. The good news there: there's no waiting, you don't have to worry about if your gift will arrive in the mail by Dec. 25. The subscription is instantaneously active.

And speaking of that, for anyone who may have experienced an error message in trying to sign up, know that we are just as frustrated with that as you are, and please feel free to contact us.

The best, fastest way to reach us is to use the Inbox in the upper right of the page when you're logged in and on the forums. (You can also shoot us an email at cougfancom@gmail.com but please know this is a general mailbox and we might not be able to get back to you quite as promptly as if you use the Inbox on the forums.)

3. If you want to go back to the classic view on the CF.C forums, simply scroll down to the bottom of the forum page on the right and click on "Switch theme to Classic forum." You can always switch back and forth. It's tied to a cookie so as long as you don't clear your cookies and cache after switching it should remember your preference. And if you do delete your cookies, simply go to the bottom of the page and click the "switch theme" link like you did the first time.

If you want to experience the new forums, and we strongly encourage you to check them out, there are a host of new features and tools awaiting you:

What’s the best view to experience the new mobile friendly forums?
We highly suggest viewing the mobile friendly boards in either “Preview” or “List” view. To change your format out of Thread view go to the Menu drop down and select “My Profile”.  Under “Additional Properties” select “Edit” next to the “Topic View” .  You can now change to either “Preview” or “List” view.  Select the green check box to save your changes.


How do I embed a Tweet?

Simply paste the Twitter URL into the field and post!  The new forums will automatically take the URL and turn it into a Twitter card.  Make sure you’re pasting the actual Tweet and not the person's profile.



How do I embed a YouTube video?

Note: Ask that all users employ common sense and do not embed anything that could be considered inappropriate, (profanity, etc.) Users who do so may have their posting privileges suspended. Instead of messing with messy embed code, simply cut and paste the YouTube video URL in the body and post.  The new forums will automatically take the URL and embed the YouTube video for you.  


How do I post a link?

Copy and paste the URL of the page you wish to link and post it into the body of your message. The new Scout forums will automatically convert the raw URL into an active link.  There’s no need to use the WYSIWYG or HTML to create activate a link.



How do I hyperlink text?

Highlight the text you wish to link, select the link icon in the WYSIWYG. In the popover, paste the landing page full URL in the “URL” field, select your “Target” (we suggest ‘New window”) and click “OK”.   Once you’re message is complete, click “Post”.


How do I add an image into my post?
There are two easy ways to do so. Either copy and paste the URL for the image from web (.jpg, .gif, .png) or copy and paste the image.  Make sure the image is hosted on the web and not on your mobile device or computer.    


How do I share a thread?

You can share a thread on Facebook, Twitter or email by selecting one of the share tool options located below your “Menu” drop down in full browser view or by selecting the “Share” option locked to the lower right hand corner of your screen in mobile or tablet.



How do I go back to the old Classic forums?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link “Switch theme to classic forum”.  As long as your cookies are enabled, we’ll remember to keep you in the classic forums.

How do I go back to the new forums from the Classic view?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link “Switch theme to new forum”.


Where are the breadcrumbs in mobile view?

In the upper left hand corner, look for the breadcrumb drop down just below the header and ad.


How do I update my avatar?

Select the Menu drop down in the upper right corner of the page and select “My Profile”. Select the “Edit” button underneath your avatar.   Select “Choose File” to upload a .jpg or .png image from your device.  Please make sure your image is under 1MB.  


Where’s my inbox?

You’re inbox is now tucked away nicely under “Menu” in the upper right hand corner.  Click “Menu” and find the link to “Inbox”

What happen to Quick Reply?  

We’ve removed quick reply for the initial release until we have an easy to use mobile friendly version of it available. To reply to a topic, simply click the “Reply” button.


Where is the WYSIWYG when viewing on mobile?

To lighten the load and reduce the clutter of your mobile experience, we do not include a WYSIWYG editor in the mobile forums.


Where did the avatars go on mobile?

Avatars do not render on mobile devices. But we’re still tinkering.


Anything else left to fix?  Some minor bugs remain, and we’ll continue to make improvements based on feedback.  A few highlights:


  • Minor layout bugs in Thread view (e.g. Pin icon) - fix scheduled for evening of 12/18

  • “Flashing”/reloading behavior when accessing Classic view on some phones - fix 12/18

  • CTL-click doesn’t work to open in new tab - fix 12/18

  • Browser spell checkers are not jiving with the new boards - fix 12/18

  • Prev/Next topic in Forums do not update breadcrumb - fix 12/18

  • Wide ads mess up portrait view on tablets - fix 12/18

  • Auto-open ads. On iOS mobile devices sometimes an ad will automatically open up in a new browser.  Still tracking this down.

  • Mobile layout and readability improvements - major release 12/16, more tweaks 12/18

  • Some problems viewing on Galaxy phones.

  • Premium members sometimes get erroneous premium popup screen - logging out then back in will usually fix it, otherwise clear your browser cookies.


I’m having issues seeing the forums, help!

Please visit http://mbd.scout.com/browserinfo?attemptcookieset=1 and select the “Send Browser Details to Scout Support” button in the lower left hand corner.  You may also visit our “Contact Us” page by clicking the “Contact” link in the footer. Please submit your browser support reference number with your submission.


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