Cougs remain high on the list of 3-star OT

THE RECRUITING PROCESS is still very much a process for 6-6, 275-pound offensive lineman Keven Dixon (pictured above) out of Buena Park, Calif. In a recent interview with CF.C, the three-star prospect talked about Washington State and where things stand for him in the recruiting process.

CF.C: Where does Washington State stand among the schools you are considering?
Keven Dixon: "They're pretty high up there. Out of the other schools, they're pretty up there."

CF.C: Is there any school that really stands out to you at this point?
Dixon: "I think all the schools have something unique, so I don't have that one particular one."

CF.C: Are you any closer to making your decision, is there a timetable for your decision?
Dixon: "No, I'm just taking my time with my family and letting everything take its course."

CF.C: Have you been in contact with any Washington State coaches since your visit?
Dixon: "Yessir, I've been in contact with Coach (David) Yost."

CF.C: What kinds of things have you and Coach Yost talked about?
Dixon: "Basically he's been saying that he wants me and that I can help the team, and stuff like that. He's talked about the (sense of) family in the program."

CF.C: When he says he wants you, what does Washington State like about you on the field?
Dixon: "Because he feels like I'll be a big help in the offensive line."

CF.C: During your visit, what were your thoughts on Clay McGuire? What did you think of him?
Dixon: "Yessir. He was a good coach."

CF.C: Did he give you any indication as far as position on the offensive line?
Dixon: "He said I'll probably be a left tackle and then I just have to compete if I want to start."

CF.C: At this point, what is that one thing that is going to tip you towards a school?
Dixon: "Probably how successful their program is, and like where their program is going, and then their coaching."

Dixon said he plans to visit Boise State and Fresno State in January, with the BSU trip set for Jan. 16. He said he does not have any in-home visits set up for when the contact period opens back up Jan. 15.

Dixon's said his offers include rides from Arizona State, Oregon State, California, Utah, Colorado, Kansas State, Boise State, Fresno State and Utah State in addition to Washington State.

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