WSU Recruiting: DE Mufi Hunt has 3 in mind

THREE-STAR defensive end Mufi Hunt (6-6, 215) out of Salt Lake City has been offered by Washington State and most of the Pac-12 along with Michigan State, Oklahoma, BYU and others. But the No. 8-ranked defensive end in all the West out of Taylorsville High has tentatively narrowed it down to three. And of those three, he says one in particular has been showing him the most recruiting love ...

Important to note: Hunt plans on going on his 2-year Mormon mission later this year, which would mean he wouldn't arrive at a school until about April 2017 (and right around the time spring ball is concluding). The WSU coaches, Hunt said, have indicated they will like him at a hybrid position combining defensive end with outside linebacker. Hunt's page lists offers from seven Pac-12 schools: Washington State, Arizona, ASU, Cal, Oregon State, Utah and UW.

CF.C: Which school has pursued you the hardest in the whole recruiting process and how so?
Mufi Hunt: "The school that has pursued me the hardest has definitely been Washington State. I get the most mail from them, I get the most tweets from them, direct messages from coaches. They always check on me. They've been consistent."

CF.C: Which coaches are among those contacting you?
Hunt: "Joe Salave'a for sure. Gosh, there are so many coaches. Coach Joe is definitely the main one, and then Coach Ken Wilson, and basically everyone from the defense. Even Coach Leach."

CF.C: What are some of the things the coaches are saying to you, can you provide a flavor of that?
Hunt: "It's kind of cool because Monday night I got a direct message and it had a picture of me in front of a Wheaties box, like the main person on the Wheaties box. I just thought it was cool, stuff like that, just like they want me to come build Wazzu and just to join something special. Sometimes they give me quotes on how to start the day, and that really helps. It changes, it varies. But I think it's pretty cool. It's been every day since the first day they recruited me until now."

CF.C: What else stands out about Washington State that has them high on your list?
Hunt: "After my official visit, it's been more than just the coaching staff because I knew I liked the coaching staff, but I didn't really know what to expect at Pullman. When I went there, I really loved the small-town feel. Everyone was just so nice and then, of course, academics. Wazzu's academics played a huge role, especially in what I want to minor and major in. The (academic personnel on the visit) I talked to about that, they just made it seem like everything was perfect there. The coaching staff was great, the players also. The players were so easy to talk to and they would tell us to ask them things and if we wanted to hear the truth or not. They told the truth about everything, and everything they said was a plus for Wazzu. I think Wazzu has the full package, and everything was great when I went up there."

CF.C: Any other new schools recently caught your attention?
Hunt: "Recently, Michigan State, for sure. That's been the new one, and that's the one I'm currently talking to a lot on Twitter also, and hopefully we're going to set up an official."

CF.C: What stands out about Michigan State to you?
Hunt: "I really didn't know anything about Michigan State other than that they won a bowl last year. And then their recruiting coordinator actually just, out of nowhere, said they needed a defensive end with my height and my length, and asked if I was interested. I said I was interested and from there on, they've been really personable. I know their defensive coordinator is leaving, but the guys that they have stepping in seem great. I don't really know a lot besides that their defensive line coach has really impressed the head coach. I know that they are obviously a greatly-coached team because they came back from that deficit against Baylor and won. So far, I know all good things."

CF.C: Along with Washington State, which other schools are highest on your list?
Hunt: "Right now, it would have to be BYU and Michigan State."

CF.C: What might cause you to choose those schools over Washington State?
Hunt: "That's a really difficult question, and that's something me and my parents really talk about. Because I'm LDS and I'm Mormon, we gather all of our information and after that, we fast and pray on things. I know all the coaching staffs are great at BYU, Michigan State, and Wazzu. I live in Utah so I've been to Provo multiple times. And I'm not sure about Michigan State, but I'm sure East Lansing is an awesome place. As far as things that will 'make' other schools, I don't know, because they all have something different and all something unique to them that makes me want to go there."

CF.C: Are you still planning to wait until Signing Day to make your decision?
Hunt: "Yes, I'm going to just go through my recruiting until Signing Day, and I'll just decide then."

CF.C: How much will religion affect your decision?
Hunt: "Not at all, not at all. I have my faith but at the same time, I fit in with different people and mixes. I'll do fine wherever I go. It really doesn't matter at all."

CF.C: Do you have any other visits to schools or in-home visits scheduled or that you are trying to schedule before Signing Day?
Hunt: "Right now, I actually just got off the phone with the BYU coach, I called him just to see how things are going, and they want to schedule an in-home probably when the live period starts again. So that will either be next week or the week after. They're going to come watch a basketball game and then from there, we'll just go do a home visit."

CF.C: At which school do you feel like you could get the most immediate playing time?
Hunt: "I don't know about Michigan State, but it seems like they want me to come in and do as much as I can. But right now, I'd have to say Washington State just because at my official visit, we talked with Coach Ken Wilson and Coach Joe. When I come back from my mission, it'll be different in two years. We were watching the film and I know a lot of the guys on the roster right now are sophomores so when I come back, they're going to be seniors or graduated. I just feel like Wazzu gives me the best chance to be able to play immediately if I work hard and do everything I'm supposed to."

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