WSU not done with hiring process yet

NEW WASHINGTON STATE defensive coordinator Alex Grinch was the big piece to the assistant coaching puzzle. But he won’t be the last assistant Mike Leach hires this offseason.

There’s at least one more assistant coaching move remaining for the Cougs before they have their full complement of nine assistant coaches settled and in place, one that really couldn’t take place until the new DC Alex Grinch was on board to offer his input. But who it might be and at what position remains in question.

WSU has three assistant coaches on that side of the ball, four assistant coaches on offense and one on special teams. But whether the new hire will be an apples-to-apples replacement, a BUCKs coach to replace the departed Paul Volero, that’s far less definite, multiple sources with knowledge of the DC search tell

Maybe you just go with the best defensive assistant you can regardless of position, in the same way you sometimes do in recruiting. If you hire Coach A, maybe his expertise means he coaches the corners and Grinch takes the safeties. If you instead go with Coach B maybe he becomes the *co-defensive ends coach, WSU eliminates that BUCK position per se and installs more of a traditional d-end in their packages and scheme under Grinch (*as co-whatever has become the new rage in how schools are listing many of their assistants).

Grinch will undoubtedly have input in who the new hire will be and his positional responsibilities, though Mike Leach will have the final say.

Leach also has to decide if he’s going to remove the interim tag on special teams coach Eric Mele, installed midseason when Eric Russell was fired.

Does Leach hire a new special teams coach and reassign Mele back to his offensive quality control assistant role? Or does Leach fold the special teams duties among the assistant coaches? That scenario would open up another assistant coaching post: could Leach then install Graham Harrell as his “passing game coordinator” -- or would he go the other way and make it five assistants on defense, four on offense?

Quick, who are the other Missouri assistants and are there any flight plans filed between Pullman/Spokane and Columbia Regional Airport?! After all, Grinch came from Missouri, as did Dave Yost two seasons ago.

WSU assistant coaches
Alex Grinch: Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Joe Salave’a: Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line Ken Wilson: Linebackers Jim Mastro: Running Backs Clay McGuire: Offensive Line Dennis Simmons: Outside Wide Receivers Dave Yost: Inside Wide Receivers Eric Mele: Special Teams

As allowed per NCAA rules, Harrell and Jarrail Jackson were elevated to assistant coach status back in early December for recruiting purposes following the dismissals of Mike Breske and Volero.

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