Future Coug OT: WSU facilities off the charts

FUTURE COUGAR and three-star o-line prospect Cedric Bigge-Duren out of Oceanside, Calif., finally made it up to Pullman for his official visit this past weekend. He's been verbally committed to the Cougars since July but said seeing the campus and new Cougar Football Complex for the first time blew him away.

Here is our Q&A with Cedric Bigge-Duren (6-6, 295 pounds) who hails from Oceanside High, the same school Washington State plucked right guard Eduardo Middleton from. Bigge-Duren is classified by Scout.com as a three-star offensive guard but said WSU wants him to play tackle on the offensive line. And his stance on running the football may surprise you.

CF.C: How was your visit to Washington State?
Bigge-Duren: "I thought it was good. I mean, I've been committed there for a long time, so it was nice to finally get up there."

CF.C: What was your favorite part of your visit?
Bigge-Duren: "I really liked the weight room. The weight room was dope. All the facilities and everything were cool."

CF.C: What are some of the reasons you saw and continue to see yourself in a Cougar uniform?
Bigge-Duren: "It's just where I see myself, (I) like the stadium, I can just imagine myself there playing on Saturdays, in there scoring touchdowns. I really like their offense. I don't really like running the ball too much."

CF.C: Have you gone on any other official trips?
Bigge-Duren: "This is the only (official) visit I've taken. I had an unofficial to Cal and San Jose State at the beginning of the summer."

CF.C: How did the WSU facilities compare to what Cal and San Jose State had?
Bigge-Duren: "WSU's stuff is just off the charts. Everything is dope."

CF.C: Were facilities the No. 1 thing you were looking for in a school?
Bigge-Duren: "Not necessarily. I think education was my No. 1, but that's a close second."

CF.C: How was your time this weekend with offensive line coach Clay McGuire?
Bigge-Duren: "You met with your coach and you went over scheme and some other stuff. They went over how they pick up protection and some plays and stuff like that, like some basic stuff... He's the main guy I talked to. Coach McGuire and Coach David Yost - McGuire because he's the offensive line coach, and Yost because he recruits in my area... Everybody was cool."

CF.C: Any WSU in-home visits coming up?
Bigge-Duren: "They were supposed to Tuesday but my parents aren't (available) so I think they're coming to my school or something like that. I'll see them, and I'll meet with Coach Leach next week."

CF.C: O-linemen generally don't play early in making the jump from high school to the Pac-12. What did McGuire tell you about your chances to play early at Washington State?
Bigge-Duren: "He told me I was going to redshirt, most likely. You never know. Maybe I'll come in like a beast and I won't redshirt but most likely I'll redshirt and then after that it's just competing for a starting spot in my redshirt-freshman year... I knew realistically, as a lineman, guys who start their freshman year are few and far between. I knew I'd have to go in and get bigger, stronger, faster, and then go in and compete."

CF.C: What did the advisers at Washington State tell you about the degree program you're interested in?
Bigge-Duren: "I was doing accounting. They had us, the second day I was up there, they asked us what major we wanted and then you met with that person. I met with the person from the business school and I talked with him and he was a nice guy."

CF.C: Were there any players that you especially identified with?
Bigge-Duren: "My host was pretty cool. He actually went to my high school. When I was a freshman, he was a senior, and he's the right guard, Eduardo Middleton. He was my host and he's a nice guy, I like him."

CF.C: What did you think of the campus?
Bigge-Duren: "The campus was cool. It was raining when I was up there so I didn't really see too much of the campus but it was nice. Everything is pretty close, it's not (spread across the) city or anything."

CF.C: How did Pullman compare to Oceanside?
Bigge-Duren: "Oceanside is bigger, it's a lot bigger. It's not like a San Francisco or a San Diego, it's smaller but it's not like ridiculous. I've been in some 500-people towns before and that's ridiculous. It's decent, there's a Walmart and some decent stuff. You could just go to Idaho. Stuff isn't too far."

CF.C: Have any other schools tried to jump in late with Signing Day approaching?
Bigge-Duren: "No, not really. I've been committed for as long as I have been, but nothing really. I have some friends who just decommitted from their schools but I've pretty much been there for so long."

CF.C: Any other in-homes or official visits to other schools before Signing Day?
Bigge-Duren: "No. The only thing I have football-related is I have an all-star game this week."

CF.C: Are you 100 percent to Washington State?
Bigge-Duren: "Oh yeah. I mean, pretty much. You never know. You get Ohio State or some crazy offer, you've got to start thinking about it but other than some outlandish stuff, yeah."

CF.C: So WSU is still showing you the recruiting love?
Bigge-Duren: "It feels good. It still feels like they care. It isn't like, once you're committed, 'Alright, we're done, you're over, you're already going to come here.' I've always been pretty solid. It wasn't like, 'Man, I really don't want to go here, these guys don't care.' It's nice."

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