Three-star corner blown away by WSU visit

FUTURE COUGAR and three-star cornerback Treshon Broughton out of Riverside CC wasn't on a fact-finding mission this past weekend on his official visit to Washington State - he's an old hand at the recruiting process and he's already made his choice. But the crimson experience still opened his eyes wide and there was one thing in particular, Broughton says, that was nothing less than jaw-dropping.

CF.C: How was your visit to Washington State?
Broughton (6-1, 175): "It was cool. The facilities were crazy. That was huge. It was a good little town, I could be in there, definitely comfortable."

CF.C: What did you think of the college-town feel?
Broughton: "It was cool. It was something new because I'm from California, but there was so much love from the coaches and especially people being up there that I already know. That helps a lot, too, that I can go up there with some teammates, so it's not going to be a big deal. It seems like it will be easy adjusting."

CF.C: Was there a WSU coach you particularly identified with?
Broughton: "(Area recruiter) Coach Ken Wilson, really. That's been my guy. He's the guy who's been recruiting me, and the one who is calling me...well, not every day, but the times he make sure I'm okay and things are going well. That's probably the main guy I talk to."

CF.C: What kinds of things do guys talk about?
Broughton: "It wasn't much that he was saying. It was just comforting me, making sure that I'm okay..or ask me about my family and not just football. And we can talk about anything."

CF.C: What was your favorite part of your visit to Washington State?
Broughton: "Seeing the facilities. That was the biggest thing, is seeing those because I had never seen anything like that before. Being in the stadium and the locker room, I had never seen stuff like that in my life."

CF.C: What set this visit apart from other visits you've taken?
Broughton: "Like I said before, just knowing people up there. I've got one of my close friends up there so that was obviously a big part. Going up there, I felt comfortable already because I knew I wasn't going somewhere where I didn't know anyone. Plus, the coaches were comfortable. Other schools, it was okay. I was just so iffy about it, and I was younger -- I took all those trips in high school... I didn't know what to really observe and what to look for but now I know exactly what to look for. I'm older and wiser."

CF.C: Who are those close friends?
Broughton: "Greg Hoyd, Jeremiah Mitchell. And Jonah Moi will be up there in the summer with me."

CF.C: Have you talked with the WSU coaches about the prospects of earning early playing time?
Broughton: "I definitely plan on going in there and playing right away. The coaches are saying that I've got to make sure that I work out and be ready to get up there as soon as (fall) camp starts."
CF.C: You have three-to-play-two and you were at one time verbally committed to Oregon State. Have they or any other schools tried to get back in on you since you switched your verbal to Washington State?
Broughton: "No, I'm not interested."

CF.C: Just a follow up, are you planning on taking any other visits?

Broughton: "No, no more visits."

CF.C: Do you have any in-homes set up with Washington State before Signing Day?

Broughton: "Yeah, they are coming next week."

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